Question about naming on weapons and ToA (in General)

Sickone September 21 2008 2:51 PM EDT

Does anybody know wether the ToA-granted NW in weapon plus to hit is also enhanced by the weapon naming or not ?

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] September 21 2008 3:22 PM EDT

No. It would only be enhanced by naming the ToA itself.

Sickone September 21 2008 5:42 PM EDT

Well, that would only enhance the effect by adding a measly 4% to effective NW added, right ?
And that would only work if the tattoo wouldn't already be at MTL, would it ?

Naming a weapon would increase the bonus by 3% rounded up, which is a lot more than just +4% NW for significantly high values of the NW plus bonus (take for instance the difference between, say, a +100 ELBow and a +104 ELBow, that's almost 2 mil NW on a 15+ mil base NW, or more than a 13% increase... and as you go up in plus, it gets better for the weapon).

Or maybe you're suggesting that the BONUS from the ToA naming is "magically enhanced" itself by 3% (or 4% even?) instead of just a 4% NW addition bonus ?

winner winner September 21 2008 5:47 PM EDT

Naming a tattoo that is at your max tattoo level lets your tattoo get bigger than your max tat level.

Sickone September 21 2008 5:52 PM EDT

Actually it says exactly the opposite of what you just said everywhere I read about it - that it DOESN'T get the 4% bonus at all if your effective tattoo level is already at or above MTL.

DrAcO5676 [The Knighthood III] September 21 2008 5:54 PM EDT

When a tat is at max tat level, its effects and abilities are only as big as the max tat level itself. If your tat is larger, it is wasted and isn't being used to its max effect.

winner winner September 21 2008 5:56 PM EDT

I thought that if you name a tat that's at your max tat level, the 4% bonus still works.

Flatcap [East Milwaukee Devival] September 21 2008 6:22 PM EDT

From the Wiki:

"Named tattoos have a 4% bonus to their total experience. This equates to roughly a 4% gain in level, but in practice it will be slightly smaller. They do not gain levels at an increased speed, but the new level attained because of the 4% experience gained will be used to compare against Max Tattoo (so a named tattoo must be roughly 4% smaller than Max.)"
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