RBF: DD and Backlash reduction (in General)

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] September 22 2008 7:14 AM EDT

Messing around with my single minion atm.

Using a RBF I've noticed some things about AMF backlash (and therefore the RBFs DD reduction and Decay.

With a base Decay, facing a 1.00 AMF (no NSC) without the RBF I took first round 800,000 backlash. This works out to be 20% of my total HP. Spot on to the expected amount (40% of my Health/2 * AMF%).

Using my RBF (level 1,129,414) I took 656,000. So the RBF backlash protection works versus Decay backlash (not sure if the ToE did...) and my Tatoo provides an 18% reduction in DD and Backlash damage.
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