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3D September 22 2008 8:40 PM EDT

Since other people are doing it and talking about different strategies are lots of fun to me, I have a strategy I might convert my team into once the NCB ends and I have the NW and able to drop RoE.


Minion 1 - Enchanter
Junction, BIG AMF (With RoE xp, so biggest minion), and a smallish AS.
Has an Electric Familiar.
Uses mage gear (NSC is key I think), with an AoI.

Minion 2 - Wall
Steel Skin, HP and ST.
Was kind of thinking this would be similar to Hatchet's big AC tank, but since I have to damage dealers I don't need to worry about enemy DX/Evasion as much.

Minion 3 - Wall
PL and HP
Anti-Mage Gear. (TSA, Mage Shield)

This combo is all about getting into Melee so my Electric Familiar can do its thing. I put ST into the Steel Skin wall so I have an option of damage if EF gets murdered. Enemy Physical damage dealers go through to the SS wall and between that and PL, I feel physical damage will be negated pretty well. Enemy DD has to burn through a big big AMF and my PL minion.

I was worrying about a couple things versus this setup. 1) I was thinking SG might hurt, even though I'm dropping a huge AMF and no AC. 2) Enemy massive AMF! I think this is the big weakness. I do have the AS and the NSC to help prevent AMF backlash damage, and the SS wall can do some damage as well. Also I'm worried about GA damage too.

Another option is to train the SS minion as a Evasion / AS enchanter to help against the AMF/GA damage. But I figured SS is a more "stable" minion, not having to rely on chance of evading attacks.

Please post with your thoughts and feelings.
Ahh strategy talks are fun!

3D September 22 2008 8:47 PM EDT

Oh and if I change the SS tank/wall into a Evasion AS, the EF is extremely vulnerable to MSK, while with the tank/wall the Electric Familiar dying is not as bad because the wall can deal damage.

Colonel Custard September 22 2008 9:09 PM EDT

I think what you first proposed sounds best. Making your Wall AS/EC seems very ineffective to me, especially if you still keep him as high-AC (hello armor penalties).

3D September 22 2008 9:54 PM EDT

Well with the 2nd strategy, it's EEW. 1st minion is Evasion and AS, 2nd minion is AMF with Junction, 3rd is PL Wall, but I do still think the 1st strategy is more effective overall. Please keep giving feedback, thanks!
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