Adjective + Noun = Priceless (in Off-topic)

QBOddBird September 25 2008 2:31 AM EDT


Go to youtube.

Pick a random adjective and a random noun, then search.

There is ALWAYS a video.

...Have fun ;)

BootyGod September 25 2008 2:59 PM EDT

“Deadly alpaca” video results 0 - 0 of about 0

Lord Bob September 25 2008 3:56 PM EDT

Poopy avocado.

No hits. There is not always a video.

BootyGod September 25 2008 4:07 PM EDT

But, honestly, it's a fun game. I've tried some weird combos where there WAS a video, and lol. Funny as heck! =D

RedWolf September 25 2008 5:44 PM EDT

"Deadly alpaca" is more mature than "poopy." You fail :-P

PearsonTritonRaveshaw September 25 2008 10:30 PM EDT

undercover waffle didn't have results. It had "similar" (no, they had nothing to do with undercover waffles...) results, listed under "undercover" and "waffle," but of course they were independent from each other.
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