Mccain / Obama Debate (in Off-topic)

{Wookie}-Jir.Vr- September 27 2008 9:12 AM EDT

I only watched about 75% of it, but I got Obama>.


Admindudemus [jabberwocky] September 27 2008 10:21 AM EDT

the link below, in my opinion, outlines where the real debate is going on:

while it is a long read, the first couple of pages have much information. it is also why i think everyone should vote and try like heck to make their vote count, even if it is in a lesser of two evils manner.

Cube September 27 2008 10:40 AM EDT

Semiofftopic for this post, but I just noticed this during the debate.
Can someone tell me why McCain blinks so much? I tried googling it, but didn't find much. Is it some sort of condition?

BootyGod September 27 2008 11:06 AM EDT

People tend to blink alot when they're pouring sunlight out of certain orifices.

Lord Bob September 27 2008 11:49 AM EDT

"Can someone tell me why McCain blinks so much?"

The stage lights, perhaps?

I don't know. I never noticed it.

Colonel Custard September 27 2008 11:52 AM EDT


QBsutekh137 September 27 2008 11:59 AM EDT

McCain is a little stilted in his mannerisms such as his halting laugh and blinking, but I think that's just the way he is (at least that is always the way I remember him). I don't think it's nerves or anything, but I will say that he never looked at Obama once even when Lehrer was looking for the segments to be more conversational. Obama didn't get that at first either, but once he started looking over, I felt like he was actually trying to engage McCain in the discussion.

{Wookie}-Jir.Vr- September 27 2008 8:16 PM EDT

Yes I noticed that, which gives Obama even more "Kudos". I think Mccain was scared to look at him lol.

You'll notice Mccain OVERUSED, well... flat out repeated the same things when faced with a tough questions. "I have faith in the American people... or I believe in the fundamental values of the American people...

What in the world does that even mean? Must be something important because that was his answer to every single topic Obama brought up.

Obama >

Soul Eater September 29 2008 8:40 PM EDT

"Can someone tell me why McCain blinks so much? I tried googling it, but didn't find much. Is it some sort of condition?"

It's because he's lying through his teeth.

3D September 29 2008 8:46 PM EDT

Blinking = Lying. Hmm...
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