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BootyGod September 30 2008 5:37 AM EDT

There's a lot more CB players on WoW than I would have thought. So, if you play WoW, say here what version you have (EU/US/etc), what realm you play on, what faction, and your name(s) on there! That way if any of us happen to be playing together without knowing it, we now will! =D

And, if any of us ever consider transfers to another server, we can go to friends! =D

Also, feel free to say a bit about what you do.

As for me:

US Version. Realm: Exodar. Faction: Horde. Character name: Banaritaz, Syde.

Bana is a t5/t6 mage and Syde is my druid alt whom I love playing! XD

BadFish September 30 2008 5:39 AM EDT

US Version, Realm: Anub'arak. Faction: Horde. I have a lvl 28 undead rogue and a bunch of lowbie characters... never was very good at WoW, and i'm just starting up again

nemods September 30 2008 6:28 AM EDT

EU Version. Realm: Kor'gall Faction: Hord. Characters "Mercybreeze" (70 Hunter) "Ruid" (70 Druid) Mostly play PvP on my Hunter and getting ready for WoLK :P

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] September 30 2008 9:06 AM EDT

Nordrassil EU PvE. In the Guild "Pride of St George" (Didn't have anything to do with the name, would have prefered a more fantasy one, but it's not an RPG server)

Main is a 70 Draenei Paladin called Ægis. When WotLK hits my main will be a Nelf DK called Bitterness (already have the name saved! :P)

Conquest September 30 2008 9:35 AM EDT

Used to play on US-Garithos, but transfered to US-Chromaggus to PvE. When I finally did quit I was 4/6 Sunwell. Sadly, WoW was just too much of a timesink for me to continue playing.

3D September 30 2008 9:59 AM EDT

US. Realm: Gorgonnash. Faction: Alliance (Unfortunately). Character name: Lyuna Hunter, Tyrraal Druid, Veranna Warrior.

Hunter: 4/5 Season 4 Full guardian.
Druid: 3/5 Season 4 almost full guardian.
Warrior: 1/5 Season 4 :)

I love this game, but I haven't been playing much due to school. And this is for spell check, which is getting on my nerves. I think they should make it less sensitive, but this is a little off-topic from the main post.

Dark Dreky September 30 2008 10:06 AM EDT

Server: Lightninghoof - RPPVP (US Version)

Faction: HORDE!!


Dreky - 70 Undead Mage
Dalemont - 64 Blood Elf Warlock
Anjuune - 50 Blood Elf Paladin
Ramadiss - 40 Tauren Druid
Tremyst - 46 Undead Rogue

I actually do not plan anymore, my account has been in stasis for many months. When I played, I was mostly in it for guild raiding. Although, I would like to get into some arena PvP. I am seriously considering coming back for the new expansion. I originally stopped playing because it consumed too much of my time.

Goodfish September 30 2008 10:53 AM EDT

Just started a Blood Elf Paladin on US Realm Anub'arak. Play with Badfish almost exclusively. My in-game name is Goodfish, if you ever see me. :)

*This PG message brought to you by Mr. Rogers.*
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