The FS Other Games Issue (in General)

Dark Dreky September 30 2008 1:24 PM EDT

I thought this was banned before? I remember people not being able to sell their RS accounts and items, etc.

I really do not think that this should be allowed, and if it is, I really think it should be dealt with on a private basis. I do not want to see other games advertised on CB's FS/WTB forum, it really infuriates me. I play CB to play CB, not to play WoW, Runescape or anything other game! If I wanted to play those games, I would... and I wouldn't try and sell my CB account for items or money in another game.

I think there should be some policy on this type of behavior (if there isn't already).

I can't be the only one that frowns upon this!


th00p September 30 2008 1:27 PM EDT

It was banned because it's illegal to sell your Runescape accounts, and it's the same with WoW accounts I believe so that shouldn't be allowed. It's perfectly okay if the other game allows the accounts to be sold but here at CB we abide by other games' policies.

Kefeck [Demonic Serenity] September 30 2008 1:31 PM EDT

I think its acceptable to talk about other games like wow, or runescape. Maybe in off-topic or something. But your right accounts shouldn't be sold like that. CHEATERS.

AdminJonathan September 30 2008 2:36 PM EDT

> here at CB we abide by other games' policies

actually, we decided it wasn't reasonable to require CB's admins to know all other games' policies as well. so, we officially don't care what you do with your accounts in other games.

lostling September 30 2008 2:49 PM EDT

one word... Pwn

Dark Dreky September 30 2008 3:04 PM EDT

My main issue is what they do with their other game accounts in CB. If we allow the sale of other game accounts in CB forums, why can't I sell my Epiphone Les Paul in FS/WTB? Why can't I sell my old toaster in CB forums?

I just feel that CB FS/WTB forum posts should be related to in-game material only. I mean, aren't we supposed to be roleplaying a little here? Or is CB not considered an RPG?

Little Anthony September 30 2008 3:12 PM EDT

well It is your own risk to buy some character in another game which probably had done bad deeds (scam, so on) and very likely you cannot do much with that character since that game community has ignored you (a.k.a cannot do raid, cannot earn perks). So ...

winner winner September 30 2008 3:15 PM EDT

So it's allowed to sell accounts from other games now?

Sickone September 30 2008 3:21 PM EDT

Eh... if you allow to trade CB virtual stuff for cash, the next logical step is trading CB virtual stuff for "other games" virtual stuff.

So I'm with you on the OP with one condition : if you also disallow any real-money trades between players too.
The only way to get CB$ would be buying people supporterships or buying supporter items and selling them for CB$.
Or, heck, have a "buy CB$ for USD from CentralBank only at fixed rate" option if you really insist.
Then it would all be fair.

QBOddBird September 30 2008 3:24 PM EDT

Except because there are transfers, people will sell CBD to each other under the table for less than the fixed rate.

So the options to solve that problem are:

1) Add to the admin duties the responsibility of hunting down people who sell CBD for USD and make it a violation of the ToS


2) No more x-fers (yes, this is blatant bait for Sutekh to come post)

Goodfish September 30 2008 4:26 PM EDT

>>Or, heck, have a "buy CB$ for USD from CentralBank only at fixed rate" option if you really insist.

I suggested this months ago but was completely ignored, with the idea that a free market economy was the true vision of CB. Pah!

Although I support that change, to be honest.

[P]Mitt October 2 2008 7:51 PM EDT

I thought this was banned before? I remember people not being able to sell their RS accounts and items, etc.

I don't think this was ever banned by Jon. Perhaps other admins thought it was banned by him at one time or another, but it was never banned by Jon.

Selling neopets Accounts/Items Not Per
AdminJonathan             December 27 2007 4:04 PM EST
Personally I think CB admins should only have to worry about CB's terms of service, not every other game out there. If game X wants to prevent trading for $CB, then their admins should do that, not ours.

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