Bot check ??? (in General)

PeterGriffin October 1 2008 11:47 PM EDT

Not sure what happened but I was fighting and I had a bot check hit the enter and boom it said I missed 2 and had to pay. I only saw one, anybody have a way to find out what happened.

It just happened about 2 min ago. thanks.

TheHatchetman October 2 2008 12:07 AM EDT

by any chance, did the bot check take a little while to load? Perhaps you may have sent twice?

TheHatchetman October 2 2008 12:14 AM EDT


SNK3R October 2 2008 12:35 AM EDT

The Admin page says this about you:

October 1 11:45 PM EDT taps cast
October 1 11:45 PM EDT east cast

Wizard'sFirstRule October 2 2008 1:28 AM EDT

I think sending the same word twice should be ignored by bot check.

PearsonTritonRaveshaw October 2 2008 1:49 AM EDT

Agreed. Unless, by some small chance, it happens to be correct.

TheHatchetman October 2 2008 2:40 AM EDT


PeterGriffin October 2 2008 11:39 AM EDT

thanks snk... I am guessing I probably hit enter twice some how and it registered the second enter as the word for the bot check I had not seen...

I wonder if there is a way to link the entry to the bot check image.. for instance since I typed in cast for the word east have that input box be response1 and then when the second word comes up instead of the box being response again have it be response2 and if response1 entry is done and response2 box should be the actual typed in box then it just ignores it or reloads the page or something.

Sorry if that sounds confusing but I can see it in my head just not sure the best way to explain it.

Yukk October 2 2008 1:19 PM EDT

I think I suggested the same thing last time. It's a simple coding fix but it appears to be such a rare case that maybe it's just low priority.

[RX3]Cotillion October 4 2008 8:25 PM EDT

''it appears to be such a rare case that maybe it's just low priority. ''

I did it twice today. Just waited my 1st out and paid for my second one.
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