Strat Help for Larry Mooseman (in General)

winner winner October 4 2008 8:07 AM EDT

My strat isn't working too well right now. Any ideas?

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] October 4 2008 10:17 AM EDT

what tattoo do you normally use?

winner winner October 4 2008 10:19 AM EDT

well, my tat is only at 300k so it isn't helping me too much. I would use a ToE if I had a higher one.

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] October 4 2008 10:23 AM EDT

have you thought of an ncb run to boost your tat? can you fight most of your ba regen per day? if so i would think that even without buying ba you might be better off with an ncb run mpr wise at the end i mean especially given tat growth.

winner winner October 4 2008 10:25 AM EDT

I had a NCB but then I messed up so I retired it, and I only get around 2 sets of BA a day.

Sickone October 4 2008 10:46 AM EDT

A good tattoo-using strat and using two full sets of BA per day (no BA purchase) should get you up to about the same MPR you have now by the time your run is done, and boost your tattoo to around 2 mil in the process.

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] October 4 2008 10:48 AM EDT

right, and even a bad ncb run is still better tat growth with equal ba usage than a "normal" character isn't it?

Sickone October 4 2008 10:52 AM EDT

More than 4 times better for as long as you can grow it :)

And by the way, I looked at his NCB growth... NCB still valid until late February 2009... the growth seemed quite ok considering how NCB length was changed to 6 months instead of 4 months.
I'd say unretire the NCB (you can only create a fresh one after this one expires, but you could have somebody else create one and transfer it to you) and keep on going with it.
Seing how you untrained all XP on it, you can retrain it any way it would benefit whatever tattoo type you might have.

Sickone October 4 2008 10:55 AM EDT

P.S. You might want to also retire "the force" not just "mooseman" until after you pass the 550k MPR mark on the NCB (then you can unretire "the force").

winner winner October 4 2008 2:45 PM EDT

umm, I can't fight with my NCB anymore, If I train exp on it then it'll go over 40m score.

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] October 4 2008 3:05 PM EDT

the bug has been well documented and the fact it is still around is not due to a lack of effort on our part, with that being said you should probably ask an admin their opinion on the matter.

Sickone October 4 2008 3:28 PM EDT

To be honest, I doubt anybody really minds score injections.
I mean, the over-inflated score quickly gets picked up by the higher-ranked players and gets redistributed evenly across the board sooner rather than later, and the only "negative" effect (lol) is that everybody experiences slightly higher challenge bonuses in the long run.

Also, like dudemus just said, it's not like it wasn't bugreported, documented and complained about heavily already.
You can't expect to be forced to drop a character just because you (willingly or unwillingly) put yourself in that situation.

Worst case scenario, you might need somebody with the proper privileges manually alter your score (if that's even possible).
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