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Lochnivar October 8 2008 12:46 PM EDT

If it takes 4 oranges to make a cup of orange juice does it take more or less for a cup of apple juice?

Best answer/response/goofy comment gets a prize (at least 100k)

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] October 8 2008 12:49 PM EDT

ZOMG!! You can't compare Apples to Oranges!!!!

IndependenZ October 8 2008 12:49 PM EDT

Deep Thought says you'll need 42 apples to make a cup or orange juice.

lostling October 8 2008 12:50 PM EDT

forever... you cant use oranges to make apple juice

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] October 8 2008 12:53 PM EDT


An apple is 84 percent water and an Orange is 87 percent.

I can't drink either because of the salicylates in them, so I hate you for asking.

Hakai [Aye Phelta Thi] October 8 2008 1:08 PM EDT

Loch, I'm very disappointed in you.

You could have at least made it fun and compared Melons instead... *winks*

Lochnivar October 8 2008 1:14 PM EDT


It is not the size of the fruit but the sweetness of the juice!

Hakai [Aye Phelta Thi] October 8 2008 1:20 PM EDT

Why do I suddenly feel the need to go to confession...? lol

Andrea October 8 2008 2:08 PM EDT

orange is hella good if u want a stupid apple then come down to my house and pick as many as u want and make as many cup of apple juice u want ill even throw in a blender lol to BLEND IT UP LOL halla
go orange go orange its your b-day, put your hand in the air if u just dont care, aaaaaa oooooo ok later guys im going to play some rock band lol peace home dog lol cb rocks :)

Zaekyr October 8 2008 2:16 PM EDT

Why ask about apples? A better question would be how many potatoes to get the 6 oz. of Vodka you'll need for that orange juice.

Amphaeon October 8 2008 3:12 PM EDT

here here to the screwdrivers!

8DEOTWP October 8 2008 3:14 PM EDT

apple juice takes an extra orange or two

Lady Die October 8 2008 3:16 PM EDT

That's like asking 'How many licks does it take to get to the center of the Tootsie Pop?'!

alisa [The Forgehood] October 8 2008 3:24 PM EDT

wouldn't biting it be much faster??

Lochnivar - nice 1.. someone should make lostling see that post.. =x

Lady Die October 8 2008 3:25 PM EDT

No no... One lick, two licks... *MUNCH*

SNK3R October 8 2008 3:38 PM EDT

I can't tell you, Lochnivar, because it's such a simple answer. However, being the nice guy I am, I will give you a hint. Once you solve the hint you'll get the answer:

A wet moose walks backwards at night, but an old buzzard whistles in its sleep.

AdminTal Destra [C and S Forgery Lmtd.] October 8 2008 3:39 PM EDT

actually it takes approximately 6 apples to make one glass of apple juice i know this cause im required to drink apple juice(to keep living (long story)) and fresh squeezed is the best kind to drink

Hakai [Aye Phelta Thi] October 8 2008 5:56 PM EDT

Tal...that wasn't funny at all!

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] October 8 2008 6:00 PM EDT

Goodfish October 8 2008 9:58 PM EDT

I didn't realize you could "fresh-squeeze" apples.

Hi im Jake October 8 2008 11:38 PM EDT

It takes double the amount of apples because genneraly they use left overs of what is sent out everyday. So in comparison the apples used to make juice to whats on store shelfs is about 1:2 and the oranges they use to make orange juice is only the best like it says right on the box. You have half sized apples and whole sized oranges i mean its really just common sense.

Dang you CB'ers need to get out more visit an apple factory or something. GOSH!!!!

3D October 9 2008 12:25 AM EDT

4 Oranges = 1 Orange Juice Cup = 8 ounces = 1/2 pound = .5(340) pounds for apple iPhone in London = 293 dollars = 1 dollar apple pies at McDonalds = 1 apple per pie = 10 apples per American pie = 1 cup of American Apple Juice.

Thus, 4 Oranges also makes 1 cup of apple juice.

Relic October 9 2008 12:31 AM EDT

Well, if a cup of orange juice floats in water, and is made of wood, then it must take some very small rocks, great gravy, or a duck to make a cup of apple juice...but if I claimed some moistened bink lobbed a scimitar at me, they'd put me away.

Now, where did I put my scales?

Lochnivar October 9 2008 7:30 PM EDT

hmmm... I am going to have a tough choice here....

My fellow CBers have wonderfully irrelevant thought processes!

Though I am disappointed that nobody has addressed the socio-economic ramifications of counterfeit apple juice.

kevlar October 9 2008 8:24 PM EDT

Apples > Oranges or else it would have been:

How do you like 'dem oranges?

Goodfish October 9 2008 9:17 PM EDT

>>Though I am disappointed that nobody has addressed the socio-economic ramifications of counterfeit apple juice.

I thought this was obvious to the point of being unnecessary to comment on.

kevlar October 9 2008 10:21 PM EDT


kevlar October 9 2008 10:26 PM EDT

go go gadget steak knife:

th00p October 10 2008 2:14 PM EDT

You asked:
"If it takes 4 oranges to make a cup of orange juice does it take more or less for a cup of apple juice?"

This means... "does it take more or less than 4 oranges to make a cup of apple juice?"

Oranges can't make apple juice, at least not in a conventional understanding. Which is why I'm here. Key to this fact is that nothing rhymes with orange. However, apple clearly rhymes with chapel, a place of Jesus. If Jesus can turn water into wine, he sure as heck can turn 4 oranges into apple juice. A whole sea of apple juice. Which Moses will then gladly part, allowing an everlasting supply of apple juice for the world. (Which, for your answer, is more than a cup of apple juice). I win.

Lochnivar October 11 2008 11:38 AM EDT

Just remembered that I will be away until Tuesday.... all appropriate monies will distributed then!

*Note: if it seems like this implies more than one person will get money that would probably be because it does!

Karandras October 11 2008 4:39 PM EDT

Generally, it depends on the size of the cup.

Small cup - less apples
Big cup - more apples

The cup which you used for the orange juice? Well, 0 apples... cos you kinda can't fill it up with apple juice when it's filled with orange juice.

Suicidecandy October 15 2008 2:18 PM EDT

The average amount of juice you get from an orange is 4 oz.
So the amount of juice we are ending with for both fruits will be 16 oz.

Apples usually contain less juice than an orange, not entirely sure of the number. I would have to say though not only would it take more work to make a glass of apple juice but it would also take more of the fruit.

Anyway, I would suggest if you wanted the taste of apple you either slice one and eat it or simply buy the already made juice seeing as it takes quite a bit of heavy equipment to get the job done.

j'bob October 15 2008 2:37 PM EDT

"If it takes 4 oranges to make a cup of orange juice does it take more or less for a cup of apple juice?"

(ahem... is this on? ok, oh, thanks..)

It puts the lotion on it's skin and puts it in the basket.
Clearly, "it" (as in the second word in your sentence above) is not interested in making orange juice or apple juice or or-apple juice.
It only wants to get out of that freaking hole before someone makes a dress out of it's skin.
I'm sure once it is out of the hole it would love to have SOMEONE ELSE make it some juice, but I have this weird feeling that it is going to want pineapple juice. I'm not sure why, that's just the impression I get. And of course if it doesn't get the exact type and amount of juice it wants that little dog is in some serious trouble.
Sheesh, I would have thought this was pretty obvious.
Anywho, I'm not looking to win the contest, I'm just saying hi in my own lil way!!!

Lochnivar October 15 2008 3:41 PM EDT

Holy carp it is after Tuesday.....

Apparently I have a problem with deadlines, even my own.
( I have a bigger problem with undead-lines, but that is another story)

I'll fix this after work...

Goodfish October 15 2008 4:50 PM EDT

Real men drink POWERTHIRST!

Thraklight Resonance October 15 2008 6:42 PM EDT

I cannot answer the question because I am a pc, and pcs hate apple juice.

Hakai [Aye Phelta Thi] October 16 2008 11:45 PM EDT

Loch, your as bad a slacker as me! ;p

th00p October 17 2008 12:09 AM EDT

Bast says: *you're

Hakai [Aye Phelta Thi] October 17 2008 12:22 AM EDT

Heh. See what happens when I type while I'm reading chat? ;p

I only wish I could edit that terrible, terrible mistake away! T-T

Goodfish October 17 2008 1:01 AM EDT

You'll be able to in CB3, I hear.

Lochnivar October 17 2008 4:29 AM EDT

See, I told you I would get around to it!
I may come back and hand out more or I may save it for my next contest, who knows.... I am whimsical that way...

Oh, and lets say 100k to the first person to explain the comment I put on the money sent to nov.... any copy/paste from wiki, etc, will be ignored...

Lochnivar (Anbhas) QB[GOSHARKS]novice (Conundrum) $25000 -- for aspirin... 4:22 AM EDT
Lochnivar (Anbhas) Hi im Jake (The Vampyre Lord) $34543 -- common sense.. HA! 4:19 AM EDT
Lochnivar (Anbhas) kevlar (pack mule service) $42000 -- thank Sparta... 4:17 AM EDT
Lochnivar (Anbhas) j'bob (The Crow) $12321 -- 4:16 AM EDT
Lochnivar (Anbhas) th00p (Mr. T) $60000 -- there is a god... 4:15 AM EDT
Lochnivar (Anbhas) 3D (Elite) $50000 -- painfully brilliant 4:13 AM EDT
Lochnivar (Anbhas) Zaekyr (Zaekyr) $100001 -- corrupted better! 4:11 AM EDT
Lochnivar (Anbhas) Hakai (Hakai) $100000 -- thread corruption 4:10 AM EDT
Lochnivar (Anbhas) QBGentlemanLoser
(Greneral Grievous) $50000 -- for answering first 4:09 AM EDT

3D October 17 2008 10:05 AM EDT

My mathematical skills are undeniable.

3D October 17 2008 10:30 AM EDT

Oh, and thanks Loch :)

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] October 17 2008 10:48 AM EDT

no fair making the bonus exclude me!!!

Hakai [Aye Phelta Thi] October 17 2008 11:18 AM EDT

Hehe, Thanks, Loch <3

Lochnivar October 17 2008 11:26 AM EDT

you aren't excluded nov....

The purpose is to educate!

th00p October 17 2008 11:48 AM EDT

I don't believe in God.


AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] October 17 2008 11:49 AM EDT

hmm ok, but you can keep the 100k since you're giving me a platform to educate...

Salicylates are naturally occurring form of the salicylic acid found in aspirin. They are found in a wide variety of fruits in vegetables ranging from berries to cucumbers. While this doesn't mean much to most people there are those of us who experience odd reactions to both manufactured aspirin and the naturally occurring forms. Personally I tend to experience a mild agitation and irritability after eating tomatoes in particular. Some folks experience far more dramatic behavioral symptoms, from depression all the way to what amounts to violent psychotic break.

Loch's comment in the xfer log was a suggestion that I go pop a couple of aspirin, and go hog wild on the forums... so here I am!

th00p October 17 2008 11:50 AM EDT

/me pops a couple tomatoes and feel much much better.

and you stink nov, I was just looking at that wiki page!

Zaekyr October 17 2008 3:21 PM EDT

TY Lochnivar.:)
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