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Aera Cura October 19 2008 4:05 AM EDT

Hey all I've been playing for a couple days now. My brother has helped alot with my strategy and explained some of the basics of gameplay to me. I was just wondering how it looks, and part of me wants to try a tank team, just to get a feel for it. I dont know though what do you guys think?

Sickone October 19 2008 4:34 AM EDT

Long story short, sadly, while in a NUB phase, there's really no time to experiment least you want to "miss the boat" - that's your only decent chance to make it to the top cheaply.
Cheaply, as in without spending MASSIVE amounts of CB$ (which you don't really have) or USD (which you probably don't want to).
Because if you have too much of either, getting to the top "the expensive way" is much easier.

Now, it might not really sound like much of an advice right now, but here's the only critical advice I can offer you : it doesn't really matter ALL that much what strategy you use, you'll always find some opponents to fight... JUST FIGHT ALL THE TIME. Always get your free daily BA, and spend them all. Keep trying to find higher and higher opponents to beat, but better beat slightly less powerfull ones consistently rather than lose half the battles.

Oh, and get a "regular" tattoo as soon as possible. Not one of those "lesser" kinds, one regular. Again, doesn't matter all that much which one as long as you can adjust your strategy to include it somehow.

Sure, whatever strategy you might have now or in the near future might not be the best strategy, so your opponents aren't always at 100% challenge bonus, but at least you're growing steadily, and your new tatoo is too.
If you can keep at it, by the end of your NUB you'll find yourself in posession of a rather large tattoo and a decent MPR team... wether you'll decide to go on ahead with it or do something else, that's another story.

Just don't waste your NUB time, you're going to wish you didn't later on.

Sickone October 19 2008 4:48 AM EDT

Ok, let's assume you keep your Ice Familiar, and let's assume you will build a strategy around it.

First off, get used to its strengths and weaknesses.
Your familiar has very low hitpoints and only fires in melee, but when it does, it can unleash massive amounts of damage on all enemy targets.
So, your target would be to keep the familiar alive until melee (piling on additional hitpoints with massive AS, flanking him with sacrificial minions, mostly in the front, one in the back too preferably), and boost its damage potential as much as possible.

Second, decide if you want to go with a 2-minion team (like now), or if you want more, decide when you're going to hire more (they won't be cheap so you have to save a lot in advance the more you wait).
The advantage of a 2-minion team (plus familiar) is that it allows you a good concentration of ED spells (slightly wards off against enemy ED) and maximizes HP granted directly on the familiar (protecting against AMF backlash). The advantage of 4-minion teams would be that you get more killslots and more HP if you're not facing DM (but if you are facing DM, a 2-minion team would have been better).

Third, you need to start saving for speciality gear.
For instance, you will almost certainly want at least one Amulet of Focus on your team (on the minion wearing the familiar, Junction trained to 1.0) alongside a pair of either Alatar's Gloves (if enemies have little or no AMF) or Noldorin Spellcasters (if you expect some degree of AMF). You might also like a Helm of Clearight, which enables your familiar to fire in the last round of Ranged instead of just in first round of melee.
Since you also have some decent mage gear on it, you might want to keep your Shocking Grasp trained to help finish off nasty targets when you finally hit melee.
On your other minion, you might want to only train AS for all XP, and buy him a Cornuthaum and maybe even a pair of Spellboosters to magnify its effectiveness (combined with the AoF it should grant pretty decent HP to the familiar and the mage minion).

Well, that is, if you decide to go 2-minion with Ice familiar.
If you decide to change, or, like you said, go tank... there are plenty of other options (but I'd recommend switching tattoo type then).

Aera Cura October 20 2008 1:03 AM EDT

Thank you that helped and cleared allot up.

AdminTal Destra [C and S Forgery Lmtd.] October 20 2008 2:16 AM EDT

i got an IF for sell
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