score/pr/mpr (in General)

AdminTal Destra [C and S Forgery Lmtd.] November 2 2008 10:21 AM EST

Does score and pr/mpr correlate in any shape, form or fashion?

Score 1,038,008
Power 423,162
MPR 297,868

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] November 2 2008 10:23 AM EST

your opponents score in relation to your pr determines your challenge bonus percentage.

Solare November 2 2008 10:26 AM EST

I've found that your score grows comparably to your PR, but if its significantly larger, it doesn't grow that fast unless you fight opponents with far higher score than your own.
And you also lose score faster if your score is higher than your PR and/or you're being farmed by someone with lower score.
Your score is dependent on how often you lose, what opponents you fight, and your PR (at least from what I've seen).

AdminTal Destra [C and S Forgery Lmtd.] November 2 2008 11:10 AM EST

tks for the help guys

iBananco [Blue Army] November 2 2008 12:46 PM EST

PR = MPR + some factor involving what items you have equipped and the exp on the minions you have them equipped on.

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] November 2 2008 12:48 PM EST

from the wiki:

Power (PR) is a statistic which reflects a combination of the Experience your Minion(s) gained and the Net Worth (NW) your Character has. Fighting opponents with Score considerably lower then your PR results in decreased fight rewards, expressed as negative Challenge Bonus.
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