Caroline/ chuck1234 deal (in Public Record)

caroline November 14 2008 2:36 PM EST

I Caroline promise to pay Chuck the weekly rental for Mace of Disruption, Shield of Capacity, Tattoo of Augmentation, and Elven Long Bow; and purchase these items from him at fair market valuation over time. In exchange, Chuck will permanently transfer these items to my account, even though these are merely items that I am renting.

If I do not log into my account regularly, or fail to pay Chuck regular rent, and fair market value later on, I hereby authorise any Admin at to transfer those items back to the account chuck1234.

Please transfer these items to my account A.S.A.P.

Cube November 14 2008 3:15 PM EST

I'm pretty sure Admins still won't transfer the items.

It might be better to use the loan/rental system.

caroline November 14 2008 3:37 PM EST

Correction: I'm asking Chuck to transfer those items to my account ASAP as I'm without a melee weapon. That request/ authorisation to admin is merely Chuck's insistence to prevent me "scamming" him. I'm NOT asking Admin to transfer those items to my account.

About loan/ rental, things are too costly over there, and I won't get nice weapons unless I have a pile of dough in my account; and I won't have dough in my account unless I have nice weapons. Catch 22!

AdminTal Destra November 14 2008 3:40 PM EST

or you get a loan

Cube November 14 2008 3:59 PM EST

I realized what Chuck was asking, but he should realize that that request probably won't do anything if you happen to become inactive.

I know what you mean though; you do need somewhere to start from. Some advice though, rentals are very cheap. Loans are the expensive ones.

chuck1234 November 17 2008 12:14 PM EST

chuck1234 (MI5) caroline (Nejarod) A Tattoo of Augmentation ($14832282) 12:07 PM EST

This ToA bought from store for 3 mil, and 150 k transfer price; you'll need to pay me 4 mil over your NUB time.

Rest of the items will be on weekly transfer basis until you become a supporter. You can buy them from me on regular payment basis at 100 percent NW [in addition to base weapon fair market value in auctions] because I've been upgrading them at the Blacksmithy. Also, because of my generous pay-plan :)

Email me the Excel spreadsheet of your payments.

caroline November 17 2008 5:10 PM EST

OK, thanks :)

caroline (Nejarod) chuck1234 (MI5) A Lesser Tattoo of Augmentation ($714993) -- return gift! 5:07 PM EST
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