buying equipment (in General)

alaskanpsyko November 15 2008 12:19 PM EST

i just recently achieved 100k, and need help in purchasing equipment any advice accepted :D

Fatil1ty November 15 2008 12:26 PM EST

If I was you, I would save up and buy a regular tatoo, lvls by itself so you don't really have to worry about upgrading it for a while and they don't cost as much as other items necessarily.

Maybe a Tat of Augmentation for a tank or something along those lines.

THose would be my thoughts. And I'll even send you 20k to help the cause.

alaskanpsyko November 15 2008 12:38 PM EST

ok, its up to you i can just fight for it, so tat of augment? hmmmm...looks like ill have to camp

Brakke Bres [Ow man] November 15 2008 12:46 PM EST

Rather go archer build with that strat.

AdminTal Destra November 15 2008 12:46 PM EST

i have a SF near base if you want to purchase it

Wizard'sFirstRule November 16 2008 1:02 AM EST

by a cheap proper like a fire familiar, level it up then reink to what you want
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