Does untrained exp effect pr/mpr in any way? (in General)

SimplyNic November 15 2008 4:24 PM EST

I reset my newest character, Itz NIc, and currently have just over 1k pr and mpr, but when I fight people whose score is 1k+ I get a massive negative bonus percentage. Would the unlearned exp be the cause of that? Or is it some other unforeseen force that's laughing at me again?

As a side note each character has between 60k and 150k unlearned exp.

AdminTal Destra November 15 2008 4:26 PM EST

its your equipment dude

SimplyNic November 15 2008 4:27 PM EST

Eh? I don't have anything equipped lol

AdminTal Destra November 15 2008 4:28 PM EST

maybe its the VPR that decides the bonus

SimplyNic November 15 2008 4:31 PM EST

Ah. Yea that'll be it lol... :D Thanks.
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