Nub help (in General)

Aera Cura November 18 2008 9:45 PM EST

I am one month into my nub and i seem to have hit a brick wall. Score wise i'm not growing at all. Even though my mpr and pr, are growing faster than ever before. Is something wrong with my strat? Any tips would help i'm sure. thanks.

Rawr November 18 2008 9:47 PM EST

Score doesn't matter that much does it? Infact isn't it better to have a lower score so if I kill you I get less bonus?

Wizard'sFirstRule November 18 2008 9:50 PM EST

your score is fine, as long as you are getting 100% challenge bonus for as long as possible. your score don't affect your battle rewards, your opponent's score do.

Sickone November 18 2008 9:50 PM EST

It's what we used to call "the dead zone".
It still exists, it's just slightly higher as it used to be.
At very high PR/MPR values, it used to be quite UNUSUAL to have a higher score than any of those, nowadays we have slightly higher scores as PR/MPR.

Bottom line, nothing wrong with that.
Only worry when your Challenge Bonus starts getting negative.

Wizard'sFirstRule November 18 2008 11:42 PM EST

actually, the french call it "la zone en angle mort". (the dead zone translated with babelfish)

Tyriel [123456789] November 19 2008 1:25 AM EST

Your score growth slowing is natural; as you get higher, opponents tend to have higher PR/MPR relative to their score, making 'fighting up' (in terms of score) harder to do until YOUR MPR rises.

Eventually, you'll get enough MPR that you can start to add new targets with a lot more score, especially if your strategy is catered to beating certain types of opponents.

It'll slow down, of course, inevitably. Still, the longer you can keep 100% (or even just 'high') challenge bonus, the better. As long as you're getting 100% CB, and you can find enough targets that you don't have to spend hours burning through 160 BA, you're fine. Even when your challenge bonus starts to drop, your strategy could still be good; it's up to you to analyze your strategy, possible changes you could make, and how that would benefit/hurt you in terms of MPR/PR (if retraining/re-equipping) or gaining/losing opponents on your fightlist.

Hope that helped somewhat. :) Ideally, you should be able to maintain > 20% challenge bonus right up into 6/20 territory (~2.7m MPR). I have between 20% and 30%, so you should be able to have around, or, likely, above that. If, before 6/20, you can't find a target (or very few) in the positives, you may want to consider changing your strat at least somewhat.

I just keep rambling on and on, but I think you can get the message. :P
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