Weapon that gives me 100% done to my minions (in General)

Thanatos November 21 2008 11:36 AM EST

I would like a weapon maybe a sword or a bow that does 100% of the damage done. Some might think this is overpowered. But, to balance this out, if no damage was done, the sword would be like a phantom blade and pass right through with out doing damage it would score hits just like other weapons, but damage would read 0.
Sorry I was just being silly.
This was just a rant that
GA is overpowered with all the other damage reductions that have taken place, that this one should be untouched seems wrong. AMF only does a percentage back to the DD caster and reduces the damage some. I believe GA should work the same way only against Physical Damage.
This would make more understandable the armor reduces damage from GA.
NSC are the bane to AMF, this make it possible more armor possiblity also.

Eliteofdelete [Battle Royale] November 21 2008 1:22 PM EST

Armor is already the bane of GA.

lostling November 21 2008 1:45 PM EST

DM + armor... how hard is it to get those things?

Thanatos November 21 2008 3:48 PM EST

I guess I should have made it easier to understand what I was saying.

GA is overpowered with all the other changes.

All right now no jumping up and down, I do not want anyone getting hit by something that is over their head.

Yukk November 21 2008 3:51 PM EST

Bah, as opposed to how useless it was before :) Let GA have its day !
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