500k on the dolphins! (in Public Record)

TheHatchetman November 23 2008 1:50 PM EST

Yeah, we're going with no point spread, I'm saying the Dolphins will beat the Patriots today, Dinh is saying that they won't. Winner gets 500k ^_^

{cb2}Dinh November 23 2008 1:50 PM EST

Agreed... You wanna go ahead and pay me now Hatch? ;P

TheHatchetman November 23 2008 1:56 PM EST

giving dinh 2 points because i thought the pats were up by 5 when i offered the bet, when it turns out they were up by 3 ^_^

{cb2}Dinh November 23 2008 2:17 PM EST

that really isn't necessary...I saw the score before I agreed, and at the time the Pats were up by 5 already...so cancel that +2 points, i dont feel right taking the advantage...

Dudster4 November 23 2008 2:47 PM EST

i want to know why you guys didn't get in on peter griffins football pool!

TheHatchetman November 23 2008 3:19 PM EST

I usually do join the pool, but i forgot to do it all week, then i was gonna do it last night but the site was down, so i threw 100k into the pool, but just chalk it up as a donation, I'm about to win bigger :P

TheHatchetman November 23 2008 4:20 PM EST

or not :P payment sent ^_^

{cb2}Dinh November 24 2008 2:38 PM EST

Thanks Hatch :)

Fatil1ty November 24 2008 2:50 PM EST

cassell had an absolute amazing game! could it be I mean just possibly that the Patriots are in decent shape to finish out the year and make a SB run? I think so... their division is sor hard to predict though with all the teams playing so inconsistently.

What you guys think? How far will the pats go?

FailBoat[SG] [Forever Alone] November 24 2008 3:23 PM EST

All I care about is that the Bears won.

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] November 24 2008 3:29 PM EST

If the Bears didnt win, they need to disband immediately... lol

FailBoat[SG] [Forever Alone] November 24 2008 3:35 PM EST

Which is precisely why its all I cared about. My boys may suck but the rams blow.

{cb2}Dinh November 25 2008 1:15 AM EST

Lets hoe the Patriots dont make any kind of run...I picked them in a business decision, other than that, I hate them. Go Colts!
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