I love you guys (in Off-topic)

Lochnivar November 25 2008 6:12 AM EST

In the spirit of drunk CBers everywhere:

I love you guys (and girls, especially the girls)

I am lit like a Christmas tree on Dec 24th and would just like to say you all rock...
...even the people I don't like (for different reasons obviously)

See ya'll when I am sober~!

QBJohnnywas November 25 2008 6:19 AM EST

Ah, the drunken post. Love it. It's about time we had a GL or GBeee post in this 'spirit'.

Lochnivar November 25 2008 6:22 AM EST

as an aside:

What idiots screw up bot-checks while sober...

I'm batting a thousand on them and I have no clue what my name is....

Trying to get a girl at the club to call you Loch is an exercise in futility FYI!

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] November 25 2008 6:41 AM EST

loch can even type and spell while lit! that there is no simple feat.

FailBoat[SG] [Forever Alone] November 25 2008 7:10 AM EST

Typing and spelling while drunk isn't that much of a feat. I do it on an almost daily basis.

BootyGod November 25 2008 10:09 AM EST

Woo! *hugLoch*

Ernest-Scribbler November 25 2008 10:15 AM EST

That's worrying Silva:P

Lochnivar November 25 2008 9:26 PM EST

I can now be considered sober....

Since I only get drunk once a year the next post of this ilk is a while in the offing.

The love will not fade, but the expression will henceforth be muted. (due to a reduction of ethanol based enthusiasm)
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