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Flamey November 30 2008 12:37 AM EST

So, my girlfriend wants to spend a fair bit on me for christmas (yay). I said that "christmas is a time where you get something you want, so no surprises, just say what you want and I'll get it", so she applied the same logic to me. I'm massively indecisive and I don't need anything so I thought I'd get a game. Crysis is $70 AUD and Fable $50 AUD.

Actual topic
Not sure if Fable is the 2nd one or not, I've been into open source games for the past few years.

Crysis: Now, I want someone to explain the gameplay roughly. Similar to a common game. My brother played the demo and he said it was sorta like CoD. The content is irrelevant (futuristic blah blah etc) just how it plays. What I'm thinking when I think FPS is CS, Quake and CoD/Army games. Share multiplayer experience

Fable: I get this is an RPG but is it a tasking RPG? I'm in my final year of school and don't plan on spending that much time on it. Can I spend a couple of hours on it a week and still know whats going on? Or is it too dependant on time spent? I'm thinking of Morrowind, I stopped playing that because it was fairly big and I didn't know where I was up to.

Yukk November 30 2008 1:40 AM EST

I have played both. Fable is much, much smaller and simpler than Morrowind. It's much lighter and more "fun" in a comicy way. I took a 6 month break from it in the middle and when I came back I got back into the story after a few minutes of confusion. I enjoyed it in its own way. You can also choose to play as "evil" or "good" or a mix, which gives some replay value.
Crysis is a very PC-demanding FPS. Take the recommended specs on the box seriously. On the gameplay side, if you have the graphics card and CPU to run this at the high settings, the graphics detail is incredible. The gameplay on regular difficulty can be pretty much like any "real world (with additions)" shooter. On higher, you'll be depending more on your special abilities. I'm talking about the single player story. I haven't played multi-player. As for the Genre, I'd say more Half-Life than CoD.
Hope that helps.

Soul Eater November 30 2008 2:47 AM EST

I'd say get Fable 1 and 2 as those games are freakin awesome. If you get fable 1, ask for Fable: The Lost Chapters as it has an extended story.

PearsonTritonRaveshaw November 30 2008 4:14 AM EST

I've played both Crysis and Fable: TLC, and they are both enjoyable in their own rights.

Crysis plays like an ordinary FPS, but not as fast paced as Unreal Tournament or anything. In a way the combat is similar to Morrowind, in the sense that it's A) It's a first person shooter, and B) you can choose to do combat in many different styles (Run and gun, stealth, sniping or up close and personal, etc.). It also plays a lot like Far Cry 1 or 2. It has vehicles, but you won't really have a chance to use them too much, and it has pretty modern and futuristic weapons with Sci-Fi elements involved. Your "power suit" has four abilities in it, which are super speed, super strength, I forgot the third, and the fourth, which is the default, is super armor. Everything (I think) except super armor uses up the suits power, which regenerates over time. Unfortunately, as far as I know, you can't hotkey any of the abilities so the only way to choose an ability is rather ugly. You have to hold down the ctrl or alt key and move your mouse in the direction of the ability you want to use. The abilities are split up into a pie shape, one slice for each ability, and the game isn't paused when your choosing an ability so you can still be shot and injured while you are switching an ability. So, if you're using speed to sprint up to someone and you want to switch to strength, you have to use this ugly system to switch in the heat of combat which can get annoying really fast (In my opinion, this is the game's main downfall, but it isn't a game breaker or anything). It is linear, however the levels are very big and open and you have a lot of room to run around . The first half of the game or so FEELS like a sandbox game, but it's really not. It doesn't have an actual sandbox mode so the replay value isn't TOO high if you plan to do single player only, but it is a fun game.

Fable: TLC is a great RPG. It's extremely linear, it doesn't have large open spaces at all, but there are lots of weapons and different combat styles. There are tons of spells, both attack and also spells that help your physical combat and other cool things. Your character changes appearance based the choices you make, and he will look either good or evil, and people react to your appearance. Also, for example, if you use a lot of physical melee weapons, your character will grow muscles, if you're more of a ranger he will get taller and sleeker, and if he uses magic he will get these blue tattoos all over his body and eventually his hands will start to glow blue. There are so many spells and such a variety it's hard to use them all. It's got a fun story, cool features like mini games, being able to own houses and upgrade the looks of them, being able to get married to whoever you want (excluding main plot characters, and yes it includes men) and other cool things. If you like RPGs, this game is great.

Also, you really don't have to invest a lot of time in either game to enjoy them a lot. They are both rather straight forward but rather in depth. It's really up to what you like best: RPG or FPS. Both are excellent games.

Rawr November 30 2008 4:27 AM EST

I borrowed Fable 2 for a weekend. I heard some good and some bad, so I felt I should try it.


I finished half of the storyline in a few hours, and the quests were boring. The combat was hardly exciting, with repetitive moves and UNLIMITED MANA.
It was literally button mashing. After the storyline is completed you basically just run around and do some quests and go be good or evil, with no real consequence besides appearance, with little to no interaction with other real people.
The multiplayer is awful, with the 2nd player being a henchman (no saving capabilities for future play); instead, you can choose whatever you want him to be and he can pretty much beat the game for you. It seriously is no challenge.
Also, when you die, you don't die. What? Yeah. You are merely knocked out and you lose some petty experience you can earn back easily. Pretty lame and non-violent in a game where condoms are purchasable (for you know what).

If you like button mashing with no real strategy, easy quests, and a tiny storyline, pick Fable II.
From what I've heard Fable One is better.
Good luck!

And happy holidays xD

Flamey November 30 2008 5:30 AM EST

Thanks for the input. They both sound tasty. More input is always welcome :)

AdminTal Destra [C and S Forgery Lmtd.] November 30 2008 11:00 AM EST

Fable 1 only takes like 8 hours max to beat
i did it the first time through rushing in like 5
i loved fable but 2 sucks
haven't played Crysis yet

alaskanpsyko November 30 2008 11:34 AM EST

*(was the 360 version so waste of $50 almost)*fable II is an embarrasment to rpg's....no sense of communication at all, 1/4 the size of Morrowind/Obilvion etc. the fable II pub games content(XBL DLC) didnt load at any point for me, multiplayer pretty much sucked cant get the people away if you were trying to get the merchants opinion of you up to lower prices, even if you told them to stop following you they will keep doing it. i ended up killing a woman in beginning cause she was getting in my way for fighting and was getting me hurt, game's basically based on getting money, and not running into the country/cities looking for quests to do, or beasts to slay. and if they were, didn't really excite me, since the combat system sucks pretty much. no substantial way of keeping your chains, there is a moment about 1:3 chance that you will have to wait 1sec to cast a shoot a spell while fighting(e.g. after you swing a sword you decide to sling a fireball at your enemy, i found myself having to hold for 1 sec, get hit and THEN fire the spell) you pretty much had to be a vegan throughout the whole game, eating meat was considered immoral and evil, you get fat WAY too fast, after eating 3pies within a 6hour interval(real time) i gained like near 100Lbs. I'm 10hrs after the ending and still trying to take off those 3pies i ate... x.x. no way of substantial purity gain after doing some needed dirty work, or if you accidentally pulled your weapon out or scared some one, IMO looks as if a model built the concept...you're looks pretty much determine how well you do in whole game. they also put the "Fate" a little too thick at end of game. and no other means of saving game(different game profile)spells took too long to charge for any real damage to enemies,...there's more but i think ill forget about the spell checker and end up having fix most of what i typed so far. oh yeah...didn't a big enough map..most of the time you've got like 5mins of walking then you have to do a 1min load..I'm done for now..I've yet to purchase any Pc based games.. that are demanding as of yet.

Marlfox [Cult of the Valaraukar] December 1 2008 8:01 AM EST

Crysis is blah. I've played it at a friends house, and... blah. There isn't anything really wrong with it, it's just an average FPS with incredible graphics.
Besides, I couldn't play it even if I wanted to. It really makes my head hurt when I see people paying $2,000+ and going, "Oh, yeah! 60 fps on Very High! Awesome!".
Half-Life 1 & 2 were so much better.

BadFish December 1 2008 2:51 PM EST

Fable 2 is the SUCK. I wasn't even a fan of Fable 1, but Fable 2 is an embarrassment to its predecessor. Honestly, it's just an awful game. I absolute hate most RPGs that are being released nowadays... they're all about pretty graphics and have absolutely no depth whatsoever. it's disgusting and I hope the game companies figure out they're only just hurting themselves by making crappy games time after time.

alaskanpsyko December 3 2008 2:41 PM EST

AMEN badfish
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