When I quit. (in General)

AdminTitan [The Sky Forge] November 30 2008 1:46 PM EST

When I quit CB (I hope this day never comes), I'm just going to give all my items and cash away. I don't see the point of selling out, if you truly need the money so be it, but I feel most of the time this is not the situation. I know plenty of people here have solid jobs and play CB for fun, so why not just keep a hold of everything or give it away to your friends. Maybe I'm just naive, but I guess I'm just hopeful 0:).

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] November 30 2008 1:51 PM EST

send some USD my way as well as some items if you wish, I'm in school, so you know i don't have money coming my way as much as i would like.

[Nkki]WildEagle [SNB Forging Services] November 30 2008 2:02 PM EST

Hey guys :)

I left a couple of times.. dunno, lost track of the number somewhere on the way cuz I quit like every other month ^^ I always kept my stuff (and yes there are some things ppl gave me great offers for), but I always thought that I might come back, and put my stuff in rentals every month or so ;) but if I knew that I would quit and never come back, i'd give all my good items to my friends on here, or I would just toss them into auctions for low prices, and then think of a funny contest to get rid of my money ;) but: I doubt I will ever be able to not come back, so sorry you buddies hoping to get hold of something now :)


Usul [CHOAM] November 30 2008 9:33 PM EST

if I quit, I will still sell for USD, but only up to how much I have spent for the game, like supportership , some naming and some item buying in the early stage. I kept track of how much I spent, anything more I will probably send it to www.childsplaycharity.org that I know some people from the past had band together and done a couple of donations from this game, very honorable.

Wizard'sFirstRule November 30 2008 11:03 PM EST

I call dips on your item, and if I quit, you can take over my debt. :P

th00p December 1 2008 6:09 PM EST

Kudos, AG.

Ryuyoko December 1 2008 6:20 PM EST

Don't worry never fear Ryuyoko is here!!!! Just leave all your stuff to me. None of that hassle of having to give away things to people.Just give it to me. ALL MINE.

Unappreciated Misnomer December 1 2008 6:29 PM EST

shame on those who are peddling for hand outs. this is truly a generous act to simply give out everything without expecting anything in return. i know alot of people have quit cb but they never leave 100% i would agree with just holding on to everything and logging in once in a while to put things in rentals.

{cb1}Linguala December 1 2008 7:03 PM EST

I've kept everything and never looked back to this game for about 2 years or so.
I'm like WE on that matter, but lazier :)
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