how do you get clan points on Sunday? (in General)

Optimus(Prime) November 30 2008 7:45 PM EST

i know we dont get anything or bonus but i was wondering how you get them it goes up sometimes for me but just keep decreasing?

Tyriel [123456789] November 30 2008 7:47 PM EST

Clan points are not gained, but they still decay, meaning that clans can still go up or down based on when negative/positive points decay. It's pointless, though, since there's no bonus on Sundays.

Usul [CHOAM] November 30 2008 9:28 PM EST

clan point still can grow before Sunday's 4am server time. After that it will just keep decreasing until Monday's 4am where everyone starts anew.

Yukk November 30 2008 11:52 PM EST

If it goes up it means that there were a bunch of CP scored against you just over 24 hours ago and they expired before an equal number of your positive CP did, causing the net value to go up.
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