Help me with my math... PLZ read (in Off-topic)

{cb2}ShadeSlayer December 6 2008 7:25 PM EST

I will pay someone 1K per ? answered. I have over 100?'s so plz help me, i hate math... :)

LODD2 December 6 2008 8:05 PM EST

me over here hurry up I want to answer some math questions!!! (lame)

Soul Eater December 6 2008 8:06 PM EST

What kind of math?

Sickone December 6 2008 9:00 PM EST

Just post'em :p

lostling December 6 2008 9:17 PM EST

yes just post :) fastest fingers first

{cb2}ShadeSlayer December 6 2008 9:51 PM EST

Using synthetic division to divide:)


///////// divided by


The ________ is seperating problems... will post more :)

Soul Eater December 6 2008 10:06 PM EST

lol there's no way I can answer that one I don't even remember learning that stuff lol.

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] December 6 2008 10:13 PM EST

do you want work or just answers?

{cb2}ShadeSlayer December 6 2008 10:18 PM EST

Just answers plz :)

lostling December 6 2008 10:27 PM EST

try this program... scientific notebook :)

Sickone December 7 2008 12:07 AM EST

Synthetic division is "meh"...

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] December 7 2008 12:09 AM EST

synthetic division is eaaaasy.

Sickone December 7 2008 12:20 AM EST

I prefer "long polynomial division" myself, it's easier to see how things proceed. They're both the same thing anyway, but it's easier to visualise even if it's more writing to be done.
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