training (in General)

birdman December 12 2008 1:56 AM EST

so i was wondering is it best to train every so often while your on to fight just that much higher up or should you just train we you have used all your ba and are getting off the game for awhile????

BadFish December 12 2008 1:58 AM EST

its a matter of preference. no real ramifications either way.

AdminTitan [The Sky Forge] December 12 2008 9:05 AM EST

At lower levels you should train often.

QBsutekh137 December 12 2008 10:08 AM EST

An elaboration for Titan's spot-on post: your rewards are based on how well your "power" fares against the opponents score. "Power", in this case, involves everything you have trained AND everything you have yet to train (sometimes referred to as "virtual power" or "VPR" (Virtual Power Rating).

The reason this is important at the start is because you can often find very lucrative targets, so the better that ratio of your power vs. their score, the higher the challenge bonus.

Than again, quite often you can find targets such that challenge bonus is 100% regardless. So, another angle would be to trust challenge bonus. If in the morning you have a 100% challenge bonus but by mid-day it is dropping, you probably need to do two thing:

1. Find higher-scoring targets.
2. Train up your experience in order to beat the folks in step 1.

Happy Friday!
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