So...Introduction. (in New players)

Ex December 18 2008 10:03 AM EST

Hi, I'm Eric

Mesoshort December 18 2008 10:04 AM EST

Hi Eric! I'm meso, how goes it? ^_^

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] December 18 2008 10:36 AM EST

Welcome to the blender!

PearsonTritonRaveshaw December 18 2008 11:06 AM EST

Welcome! Some advice: Take advantage of your NUB because you'll NEVER get a second one. Happy holidays!

QBOddBird December 18 2008 11:38 AM EST

welcome, Eric!

BootyGod December 18 2008 12:11 PM EST

Merrrrrrrrrryy.... Wait. What month is it?.... Hm... Veterans Day! Yeah. That's right.

Welcome to CB :P

Lady Die December 18 2008 12:16 PM EST

Welcome welcome...
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