Op/Tal (in Public Record)

Papa Bear [G6] December 20 2008 9:52 PM EST

ok this is weird we are doing a trade/buying pr

im trading my MoD for 1m to Op and owe 1.5m
he is trading me base NSC

is this right OP? and do you want to set a time limit for the 1.5m?

Papa Bear [G6] December 20 2008 9:54 PM EST

Flowdog (Tal's Bank) OpVines (OpVines) A Mace of Disruption ($6823) 9:53 PM EST

ResistanZ December 20 2008 9:58 PM EST

OK. Tal has decided to sell me the MoD for $1m. Before hand we already agreed that Tal wanted to buy my NSCs for $2.5m. So basically, we switched items and Tal now owes me $1.5m.

ResistanZ December 20 2008 10:01 PM EST

OpVines (OpVines) Flowdog (Tal) A Set of Noldorin Spellcasters ($1597) 9:58 PM EST

Papa Bear [G6] December 20 2008 11:11 PM EST

Flowdog (Tal's Bank) OpVines (OpVines) A Morgul-Hammer ($57943) -- for 1m off debt 11:11 PM EST

500k left
plz confirm payment

ResistanZ December 20 2008 11:12 PM EST


Papa Bear [G6] December 21 2008 8:29 PM EST

Paid in full will post xfer log from comp I'm on cell

ResistanZ December 21 2008 8:30 PM EST

Flowdog (Tal's Bank) OpVines (OpVines) $500000 -- Paid in full 8:26 PM EST

Awesome. Thanks Tal!
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