2008 CB Fantasy Football Winners (in Off-topic)

PeterGriffin December 24 2008 10:53 AM EST

Here is the playoff bracket and final standings so everybody can see how the season ended, the image is kinda blury because it was so big and I had to compress it.

Jarl was the big winner so a big congrats to him
Team Name Owner Carnage ID Place
Team Jarl Conquest 1
Seven Cities Bridgeburners [RX3]Entreri 2
Team SHIPOOPI PeterGriffin 3
Team edyit Adminedyit 4
Cincinnati Maulers Mikel 5
Team Carnage LuisOrtiz 6
Team Warbringer Warbringer 7
Team Oddbird QBOddBird 8
Team InebriatedArson InebriatedArsonist 9
Team Zoglog Zoglog[T] 10
Team Deifel deifeln 11
HellBorn Colts INDColtsFan18 12

I would like all FF players and other CB members to give me good ideas on how prizes for this should be sent out, I have about 8 mill in cash, and quite a few base tats. I will probably do something where the winner gets to pick and second gets the left over but not sure... post your ideas and please don't make them stupid...

winner winner December 24 2008 11:18 AM EST

Conquest quit

QBOddBird December 24 2008 11:36 AM EST

He may have quit, but

1) he still won, so the money should still be sent to him
2) he just logged in yesterday.

I would say divide it something like 50% to 1st, 33% to second, and the remaining 17% to third, or something to that effect. A base tat of their choice would be a very nice addition for each winner, as this would give them essentially a free inking.


Conquest December 26 2008 4:15 PM EST

Yeah I quit. Entreri and I agreed to split the pot, whatever it is. I'm fine with however we choose to divide the pot up.

PeterGriffin January 5 2009 9:39 AM EST

OK well I didn't get very many responses so just goes to show you how most of the season went. Allot of effort for not much return. so here is how I am gonna do the split.

Total cash is $9,122,814 (minus the 91k xfer fee brings it to about 9 mill) total cash prizes along with 10 base tats.

70% of cash (6.3 mill)
and your pick of 7 base tats (see list below)

30% of cash (2.7 mill)
and the remaining base tats, (3 tats)

An Ice Familiar lvl 20
An Ice Familiar lvl 20
A Fire Familiar lvl 20
A Fire Familiar lvl 20
A Fire Familiar lvl 20
An Electric Familiar lvl 20
A Steel Familiar lvl 20
A Steel Familiar lvl 20
A Tattoo of Endurance lvl 20
A Rune of Balrog Flame lvl 20

[RX3]Cotillion January 5 2009 5:46 PM EST

I didn't really have any idea of how to split the pot, and when Conquest said we agreed to split the pot, I asked him if he wanted to before the game started since we were almost tied point wise.

You'll have to ask Conquest again if he still wants to split it, but if not, 30% + 3 base tats is more than enough for me.

Conquest January 5 2009 6:16 PM EST

I'm fine with splitting it, I agreed after I had already won anyway.

[RX3]Cotillion January 5 2009 9:01 PM EST

Okay, then there you have it. Split the cash 50%/50%, and let him pick his 7 tattoos and I get the left over 3.

Conquest January 5 2009 11:26 PM EST

Just give me any random 7.

PeterGriffin January 6 2009 9:33 AM EST

No my complaints weren't about you guys, there were allot of other teams that joined that just flat out stopped trying really early so it made for a very boring and lop sided fantasy league... no big deal... here is what I did...

1st place: Conquest

2nd Place: [RX3]Cotillion

[RX3]Cotillion January 6 2009 5:16 PM EST

Thanks for hosting the ff league and doing the weekly picks so we'd actually have something to play for.
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