Can you shorten a GIF? (in Off-topic)

Hakai [Aye Phelta Thi] January 6 2009 1:20 AM EST

Can you take a GIF and make it so it does not run through it's whole cycle but it still repeats?

Does that even make sense?

If it does, I have a particular GIF in mind that I'd like shortened, but it's not PG enough for CB yet. :(

Sickone January 6 2009 2:16 AM EST

Yes, you can remove some frames from an animated GIF, with the right software.
Not sure wether any free ones (for Windows) exist that can do that, but I guess you could google for it...

Sickone January 6 2009 2:20 AM EST

try this one

Hakai [Aye Phelta Thi] January 6 2009 2:25 AM EST

hah. Sickone thinks I can use that program. hehehe he doesn't know me too well, huh? ;p

No, really. I do appreciate it, though. That means I can hire someone else to do it for me! Yay!! lol

IndependenZ January 6 2009 6:05 AM EST

That sort of thing is not that hard to do. Resizing is a whole different matter ;)

No really, a .GIF is basically a small cartoon. It consists of a number of frames. Programs like Photoshop or the GIMP open a .gif with each frame as a different layer. You just delete a few layers and save it as a .gif again. :)

Flatcap [East Milwaukee Devival] January 6 2009 6:09 AM EST

Gimp does animated .GIF s? Oh man all this time and I never knew. Sheesh guess I just never tried opening one in it

IndependenZ January 6 2009 6:13 AM EST

Try GAP (GIMP Animation Package), you can create your own flashy .gifs with that. I can't get it to work in GIMP 2.6 though, so I use 2.4. Lots of good tools and options.
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