Hatchy forging! :o (in Services)

TheHatchetman January 12 2009 1:45 AM EST

This is your chance to have an item forged by TheHatchetman!

I charge 75% and don't work on helms, amulets, DB, BoF, or unforgables. ^_^

Post job offers here :P

TheHatchetman January 12 2009 7:14 PM EST

also note that I'm not taking jobs over 5m net worth ^_^

SundariZelia [The Knighthood] January 12 2009 8:03 PM EST

forge my corn to +20!

Rdadf January 12 2009 8:12 PM EST

How does this work?

TheHatchetman January 12 2009 8:28 PM EST

Somebody loans me an item for a few days to a week (depending on how much bigger they want the item), I spend my BA increasing the size and net worth of the item, the item goes back, and at some point in time, the owner of the item pays me 75% of what the blacksmith would charge to do the same work ^_^

Rdadf January 12 2009 9:41 PM EST

I think i might like to use your service. Id like to get my bow to lvl 21 or 22. It costs around $105,000. So I would oly have to pay aound $75,000 and do I have to pay in a lump sum or can I pay in payments?

Rawr January 13 2009 1:36 AM EST

Rawr (Training Grounds) TheHatchetman (not my NCB) $1150000 -- +42 3 days 1:33 AM EST
Rawr (Training Grounds) TheHatchetman (not my NCB) A Mithril Chain Mail ($33500) -- +42 3 days 1:33 AM EST

1,150,000 sent to bring my MCM from [28] to [28] +42. Loaned for 3 days. Thanks!

TheHatchetman January 13 2009 2:12 AM EST

hehe, meant for you to use the little checkbox by the send dealy, but either way ^_^ getting started now

TheHatchetman January 13 2009 2:20 AM EST

+21 now ^_^

numerically halfway there, though nw says only 10% done with the whole job :P

BluBBen January 13 2009 7:44 AM EST

Are you sure you won't to any AoM, AoL or BoF?

Unappreciated Misnomer January 13 2009 10:38 PM EST

If you are interested Hatch you can work on my SoD. XD

TheHatchetman January 14 2009 12:54 AM EST

Got about two and a half days left on the job with Rawr (agreed to take his base CML to +32 earlier in CM). If that's an acceptable time period, then I'd love to work on your SoD ^_^

TheHatchetman January 14 2009 12:59 AM EST

oops, sorry rdadf, i totally missed your second reply and will be sending you a CM now in cas ya don't look back here. >.<

TheHatchetman January 15 2009 10:49 AM EST

A Mithril Chain Mail [28] (+41) 1,382,494

will be finished when i get home from work later

Next in line is Rawr's CML (should only take about a day :P), then dpc's SoD (If he wants it done)

TheHatchetman January 15 2009 8:51 PM EST

MCM finished and returned, first cycle on the CML brought them to +11, they should be finished tomorrow after work. Thought i sent dpc a CM last night, but apparently not, so i'll be doing that now :P

TheHatchetman January 22 2009 9:40 PM EST

A Sling of Death ($483,660)

A Sling of Death [5x331] (+10) 2,928,405

NW difference of $2,444,745 *.75 forging rate = $1,833,558 due ^_^ Item should return in a few minutes

TheHatchetman January 23 2009 10:24 AM EST

Forgot to put in here that I'm available for another job now ^_^

winner winner January 23 2009 3:05 PM EST

DBs+40 to as big as you can get it?

TheHatchetman January 23 2009 11:19 PM EST

due to the low efficiency of DBs, in order to make as much per BA as I would forging CMLs at 75% (using them as a comparison due to them being mid-ranged efficiency, a recent forge job, and a leg armor), I'd have to charge 111%. Sorry to say, but DBs aren't worthwhile to forge for anyone that does the math... Best bet is to get an "immediate" up (services blocks the i word :P) before people realize that DBs cost just as much to upgrade as unforgables so long as forgers know what they're doing :P

winner winner January 27 2009 2:18 PM EST

want to forge my BoE up?

Unappreciated Misnomer January 29 2009 4:24 PM EST

look me up when you are free to work on my SoD, no rush.
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