Strat help (in General)

Jersey January 15 2009 10:10 PM EST

i currently have a single archer, and i am looking to hire 2 new enchanters
1 will be a pure AS enchanter while the other will be a GA, DM enchanter

i was wondering if i am better with a archer with a elb and ToA or if an Archer with a MsK and a Hal would work better

so either
a. AS Minion/GA,DM minion/Archer with ELB,ToA
b. AS Minion/GA,DM minion/Archer with Msk and Hal

Rawr January 15 2009 10:16 PM EST

stay single or hire one enchanter with DM/AS
more exp dilution = weaker archer

Kefeck [Demonic Serenity] January 15 2009 10:19 PM EST

more exp dilution = weaker archer

Right but at a certain point damage done drops off a ton. So maybe thats exp that could be used better elsewhere.

Sickone January 15 2009 10:48 PM EST

"Right but at a certain point damage done drops off a ton"

If you keep pumping both ST and NW into the weapon, no, it doesn't "drop off a ton".

PearsonTritonRaveshaw January 15 2009 11:01 PM EST

I wouldn't recommend GA + AS for an archer. If you need more HP, simply train HP. AS is recommended for three or four minions, or if you have a familiar. You only need one enchanter, with an EO (DM or AMF) if you are an archer. Since archers are best suited for ranged, I'd recommend DM to A) Dispel enemies' AS and make it that much easier to kill them in ranged, and B) Make sure your archer is not suicidal when it goes up against GA.

Jersey January 16 2009 3:10 PM EST

well im not going to hire till like 1.5mil mpr
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