help please (in General)

birdman January 19 2009 5:02 PM EST

i bought this char but i wasn't thinking that i didn't have the gear the guy had to use it and well i don't know what to do to make him useful

birdman January 19 2009 5:10 PM EST

i cant figure out how to post the char where it is readable

winner winner January 19 2009 5:18 PM EST

don't use that retire it and use your NUB

Fatil1ty January 19 2009 5:25 PM EST

agreed, your NUB gives a huge bonus to cash, that us non NUB users salivate over so take advantage. It makes all vets sad to see NUB's waste their bonus time. Also your main char isn't bad and you will have more success with him because to run a 2M MPR char well enough for it to be worth it you will need to invest significant amounts of CBD (in the tens of millions)

hope that helps.

birdman January 20 2009 5:39 AM EST

thank you what a waste of 2.9 mil huh lol

Sickone January 20 2009 7:06 AM EST

You'll get it back in 3-4 days at your current level (NUB cash bonus, easy 100% Challenge Bonus target selection, free daily BA), so no big deal.
In contrast, I'd actually need closer to 2 weeks to get that amount of cash saved up.

Fatil1ty January 20 2009 2:20 PM EST

ya don't worry about it. lesson learned. Just try fight at the highest possible CB% and you'll make that money back in no time.

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