money-making? (in General)

bobbie valentino January 22 2009 11:39 PM EST

Ok... how do u guys get soooooo much money?! i save up for days at a time, but can only get to a cerin low amount?? please tell me!

Tal [G6] January 22 2009 11:40 PM EST

its because your so new!

when you get bigger you will get better rewards don't worry

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] January 22 2009 11:41 PM EST

how exactly do you save up for days at a time when your character was only created today?

Wizard'sFirstRule January 22 2009 11:41 PM EST

in 2 weeks, you will be saying why is everyone so poor. The NUB bonus is scarily high.

bobbie valentino January 22 2009 11:43 PM EST

i had an old account a while back, but i got nothing for saving up. thanks for the adivce :)

Tal [G6] January 22 2009 11:44 PM EST

if your old account still exists you need to ask an admin to delete this one and you need to play on your original or you may be banned for being a multi

bartjan January 22 2009 11:59 PM EST

I count at least 3 other accounts, all used the last 2 days. I also sent a chatmail about it, which was read, but not replied to. You do know there are rules, as you clicked 'I agree' at least 4 times, so why not follow them?
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