Black Market questions (in General)

AdminTal Destra January 25 2009 2:06 PM EST

i had a thought (yes mark your calendar its a rare event)
maybe we can try to ask to get Special Items into the black market vote thing. that way they don't spawn unless enough people vote for them

QBOddBird January 25 2009 2:12 PM EST

"Special Items?"

like...Supporter items?

(if your answer is yes, then mine is a resounding NO. If otherwise, please continue :))

AdminTal Destra January 25 2009 2:20 PM EST

yes supporter items

BluBBen January 25 2009 2:22 PM EST

Just think of the following question before you say anything more.

Why do you think supporter items exist?

AdminTal Destra January 25 2009 2:26 PM EST

yeah but you could make it an insane amount of ppl have to vote for it like 500 then everyone would get their friends playing CB just for the votes and thats even more revenue for Jon
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