Strat Suggestions (in General)

King January 26 2009 1:48 PM EST

I'm currently running a monk/enchanter team using a halidon for the tattoo and I'm debating starting an NCB with the exact same strat. Before that I'd like to hear some suggestions that could help my current char at it's current level.

I'm currently just training hp/uc on the monk and hp/dm on the enchanter
It's current stats are:
Hit Points 2,676,016
Strength 2,500,000/1,838,236
Dexterity 2,700,878/1,902,027
Unarmed Combat 3,818,022/1,750,512 151/99

Hit Points 357,713
Strength 24/20
Dexterity 20/20
Junction 1,182,157/930,833 1.00/0.93
Magic Missile 19/21
Dispel Magic 200,618/211,735
Guardian Angel 1,812,220/1,900,000

please no equipment suggestions since odds are i couldn't really afford to switch

AdminTal Destra [C and S Forgery Lmtd.] January 26 2009 2:35 PM EST

be prepared to be encumbered horribly because of your no new equip policy

King January 26 2009 2:41 PM EST

Well Tal....the tank has about 160m unused enc(when i have my sod on) and the enchanter could use some dbs but I'm broke other than that i have pretty much everything i think I'd need... >_<
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