Recruiting for T36 (in Contests)

Tal [G6] February 3 2009 7:03 PM EST

Hi, im your new team captain and welcome to team Blender.

what position would you like to play? i still have 9 spots open


Tal [G6] February 3 2009 7:09 PM EST

only 8 spots left

hurry up we are filling and ranger might join too so really only 7 left!

Tal [G6] February 3 2009 7:17 PM EST

so far on Team Blender
and possibly Ranger

and the only name not recognized is mine for some reason so instead of doing a lot of html im just going to type some words

Tal [G6] February 3 2009 7:22 PM EST

5 spots left

positions are filling fast

I only have one question for you:

Are you game?

Tal [G6] February 3 2009 7:34 PM EST

4 spots left

Tal [G6] February 3 2009 7:41 PM EST

3 left

do you want in? can you taste it?

Soul Eater February 3 2009 7:53 PM EST

I guess I'm game, but I don't know which position I want to play and I've never done a tourney before, so I may need some help.

Tal [G6] February 3 2009 7:55 PM EST

2 spots open

Rawr February 3 2009 7:56 PM EST

how does it work?

Tal [G6] February 3 2009 8:01 PM EST

anybody think they can handle being the Team Blender kicker? you have to be able to keep up with not only the QBs score but the wide receiver as well

last spot any takers?

Tal [G6] February 3 2009 8:21 PM EST

full up unless rangers not in, so i need a back up anyone wanna be a backup QB?

Tal [G6] February 3 2009 8:22 PM EST

Quarterback Ranger*

Center DemonOfCandyland
Offensive Guard GogetaSS4
Offensive Guard SHD
Offensive Tackle DAS_bro
Offensive Tackle AG_Titan

Halfback Supperman
Fullback Raveshaw

Wide Receiver Rawr
Tight End Tal_Destra

Kicker SerialKiller

*Still waiting on response

nightslyder [Brew Crew Forging Service] February 4 2009 4:26 PM EST

what is this?

nightslyder [Brew Crew Forging Service] February 4 2009 4:27 PM EST

and if there's any space i want to do it, lol.
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