Tal/SK (in Public Record)

gg February 18 2009 1:33 PM EST

I'm selling Tal A Tattoo of Augmentation lvl 2,458,710 for 24% of the NW which is 10.7m on a payplan. 1m down and 500k a week until it's all paid off. Tal is also paying the xfers fees.

AdminDestra [Battle Royale] February 18 2009 1:34 PM EST

Tal Destra (Tal) Serialkiller (Okay V1.1) $1000000 1:33 PM EST

9.7+ xfers left

gg February 18 2009 1:35 PM EST

Transfer fee: $445,820

AdminDestra [Battle Royale] February 22 2009 11:00 PM EST

your money will be coming from Dinh (vanilla_novice) so check for transfers to you for me

AdminDestra [Battle Royale] February 22 2009 11:29 PM EST

as per this thread Tal/Dinh

gg March 1 2009 6:31 AM EST

9.2m left

gg March 10 2009 5:26 PM EDT

7.4m left
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