naming tats (in General)

Ancient Anubis February 27 2009 2:01 AM EST

just wondering currently if u have tat that is say 5mil in levels naming it boosts it by 4% to 5.2mil. Would people prefer it if naming a tat just meant that it leveled at the same rate as mtl levelled rather than boosting its level but still growing slower than character mtl like it does currently.

Rawr February 27 2009 2:06 AM EST

I'm not sure I understand, you want it to level at the same rate but not grow at the same rate?

iBananco [Blue Army] February 27 2009 2:08 AM EST

Too much.

Sickone February 27 2009 6:59 AM EST

Confusing original post... so which one is it, levels at same rate as MTL, or grows slower than MTL ?
Just as a side-note, "regular" tattoos level right now ar 2/3 of MTL growth.
Having named ones level at 5/6 of MTL growth would be a decent compromise (a +25% relative growth rate, or an absolute +16.66% growth rate), even if they get no "instant" level boost at all.

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