Base Junction Bug... (in General)

Unappreciated Misnomer March 2 2009 8:31 PM EST

Ive discovered in my post battle stats that training a base Junction(312xp) 0.00/0.00 will tranfer the evasion from my Displacement Boots @100% to my SF.

TheHatchetman March 2 2009 8:43 PM EST

junction isn't percentage-based in *that* way... Junction's displayed effect is the percent chance that the items will junction over. When they do it's always full effect.

But this is odd... with a base junbction, you should stand about a 1 in 300 chance (or something similar, I didn't bother figuring exact math to give ya a 10-digit decimal just to say "longshot"... hell, this whole blurb in parentheses coulda been replaced by that decimal though... Prolly shoulda just done the math or not explained myself... Either way, moving on!) of junctioning at 100%... Either you happened to notice on that "fluke" of a battle where your junction worked, or something is bugged...

Unappreciated Misnomer March 2 2009 9:13 PM EST

Post-battle stats

minion Total Evasion

So I 12
you liek 0
heards familiar 99
heard 99
Mudkips 0

this is every fight, so long as i have a base junc trained and im wearing my dbs

Unappreciated Misnomer March 2 2009 9:49 PM EST

ok nvm

Sickone March 3 2009 6:05 AM EST

Was that a "I was wrong" nevermind, or was it a "I give up" nevermind ?

If you always get full bonus from the DB on your familiar even with base junction, as opposed to once in a blue moon, that can't possibly be ok... and it's a bug that needs fixing.
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