"Rich Dad, Poor Dad" concept vs CB economy (in Off-topic)

Wizard'sFirstRule March 6 2009 2:41 PM EST

So the author of "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" describes the cash flow of the poor as "Wages => Taxes => Repayment => Not much left for themselves", and it has a striking resemblence to my CB cash flow.

Fight money => (taxed at a fixed rate or something) Healing Money (Never see that part of my income except in the rewards section, like an employee never sees the tax money except in their receipt) => Lostling loan => Not much left to do stuff with. and now I want a pay raise (more rewards!!)

this is just that I am so bored and have a need to say things that sound important. *falls to sleep*

Lord Bob March 6 2009 2:56 PM EST

"Not much left to do stuff with. and now I want a pay raise"

And yet, there's still people on here whining that there's too much cash in the game. Sad really.

QBOddBird March 6 2009 2:59 PM EST


My suggestion to fix this is to reset Lord Bob.

Lord Bob March 6 2009 3:03 PM EST

My suggestion is to give me all your cash. And not just in CB.

Lochnivar March 6 2009 3:04 PM EST

/me doesn't know what Lord Bob will do with the extra $0.65 that constitutes 'all of OB's cash'...

Lord Bob March 6 2009 3:07 PM EST

I'll be adding it to my $0.32 life savings.

QBJohnnywas March 6 2009 3:08 PM EST

What's cash? I seem to have spent most of the past three years in debt, I could quite easily store twenty items on my chars, (if you need storage space my rates are competitive).

And if you take wages => taxes => repayment => not much left for themselves and turn it the other way round it says "Johnnywas".

Wizard'sFirstRule March 6 2009 3:11 PM EST

I don't know about LordBob, but if its me, I would buy a unit in the unit trust that consist of 25% US shares, 73% government bond, 1.5% property, 0.32% cash and 0.18% in General Motor, which give a yield of 5262.73% per annum, then sell it after 6 month and invest in another unit trust with similar structure with a yield at least 2 points higher, then in 90 days, collect a dividend payment and buy a small corner of a commercial bill, with a coupon rate of 5318%, in no time I will have a quarter to play with as well as a well diversified portfolio.

(FYI: There are some real economics terms, but don't bother trying to make any sense of it)

Wizard'sFirstRule March 6 2009 3:12 PM EST

wow, in the time it takes to make the above post, there has been 2 replies.

Lord Bob March 6 2009 3:13 PM EST

"(FYI: There are some real economics terms, but don't bother trying to make any sense of it)"

Good, because you lost me.


chaosal March 6 2009 3:56 PM EST

that's why debt is bad, mkay?
just gotta keep killing people for more money :)
(now we see the violence inherent in the system- come and see the violence inherent in the system!)

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] March 6 2009 4:03 PM EST

...help, help i'm being repressed!

ScY March 6 2009 4:04 PM EST

<3 Monty Python references.

To the argument that there is too much money in CB, that is simply not the case. The money supply remains constant, or increasing at a constant rate, assuming that there are relatively the same amount of fights per day. As more players join the game, this supply will increase, sure. But this is irrelevant to prices of items because with the new players comes new customers, keeping prices relatively constant (supply and demand effects for an individual item not taken into account).

And since this is a free economy, only regulated in small and reasonable ways by Jon+Admins, there is bound to be a capitalistic build up of wealth on certain players who then have the ability to outbid others in auctions or FS/WTB threads.

ScY March 6 2009 4:06 PM EST

Oh, and I forgot to mention that spending the money supply will always remain constant because there is always incentive to upgrade your weapon, increase the + on armor, or buy more and newer armor. If you feel you have reached the peak of this, then there is always the opportunity to save money up in order to buy that new minion.

(Really need an -EDIT- option :P)

Unappreciated Misnomer March 6 2009 11:20 PM EST


QBOddBird March 6 2009 11:23 PM EST

ScY - that is 100% true if we can effect better player retention! If new players join the game, make tons of money, spend it all, and quit then yeah, a lot of money just gets dumped into the market - but if they stay it then the playerbase is increasing with the cash and there's no inflation.

So the answer to EVERYTHING is new player retention! Huzzah!
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