Newish player question about Junction (in New players)

Listener [Fees Dirt Cheap] April 4 2009 1:49 PM EDT

So, chat doesn't work for me, hence the forums.

I'm a little confused about the new amulets of Junction, and Junction in general. The new ones don't have any "plus" rating - does that mean that they function at 100% even with a 0 rating, or do you have to upgrade them?

Also, I understand that junction transfers the effects of your minion's skills to your familiar. But what about a minion with no skills, just spells or enchants? For example, I have a SFBM with a fire familiar, and the only things the minion has trained is HP, fireball and some DM. Would junction grant the same level of fireball to my minion and boost its HP, or would junction be a waste since those are not "skills" like archery, etc.?

Thanks in advance for answering!

QBOddBird April 4 2009 4:01 PM EDT

1) The new ones don't have any plus rating, so I assume they don't work as is. Either they'd need upgrading or they're an April Fools joke from Jonathan (which would be hilarious.)

2) Junction doesn't transfer over spells or enchantments, no. Just skills and item effects.
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