:P It's 3am and I'm confused (in General)

{Wookie}-Jir.Vr- April 9 2009 5:57 AM EDT

So looking at a recent battle log, this guy's fireball is hitting my minions for roughly 2k damage a round (yes I'm low on the totem pole having just started the character today so shush)

Anyways, so he peaks through ranged combat at 3,100 or so.

Then in the first and second round of melee combat, hits for 16,000 and 17,000 respectively...

So uhhh... I'm confused, I'm sure if I spent 20 minutes searching around I could find the needed information, but yah it's 3am and I'm exhausted. (Was at the hospital all night, my best friend's wife gave birth last night at 10:31. Female. 9lbs 2oz.)

So anyways what gives? Have fireball's damage always increased 5-6 times after entering melee? That seems a little uhhh ... silly... to me...

It's funny because I honestly don't know, I spent and entire NCB completely avoiding mages :O


Wizard'sFirstRule April 9 2009 6:03 AM EDT

I would guess the Halidon got killed? So it is on 1 target instead of 2? That and the range damage penalty would make the damage increase make sense.

BootyGod April 9 2009 6:03 AM EDT

Well, all spells and ability hit much, much harder in melee. My guess is that your halidon is dying off in the last round of ranged, so not only is the FB damage being greatly increased because it loses the ranged penalty but also because it's being focused on one minion.

Also, magic damage is ridiculously random. You could be hitting on the low end of the spectrum in ranged and then slamming the far end in melee. No way to know unless you fought him repeatedly.

Hope this makes sense.

Ancient Anubis April 9 2009 6:06 AM EDT

i know i t goes up a bit my mm can go from 600k damage in the first 5 rounds to 2+mil in the sixth round of ranged and in melee i even get close to 2.8mil damage sometimes this is mainly due to ranged penalties decreasing as u u go into melee. Oh and send my congrats to your mate and his wife on the birth of a hopefully healthy baby girl

Sickone April 9 2009 6:07 AM EDT

The ranged magic damage penalty is only about 60% or so, so the only possibility is that you are left with a single minion by the time he's reaching melee, so all the fireball damage is concentrated on a single target. Also, actual damage dealt is random from anywhere around 50% of full damage to full damage.

But if the numbers you quote are true (average of 2k, peak of 3k in ranged, then 16-17k in melee), there's something wrong.

{Wookie}-Jir.Vr- April 9 2009 6:10 AM EDT

Haha, thanks AA yeah very healthy and adorable!

I'm not going to waste any more BA on a sure loss, but yeah the hal died in the last ranged round (I didn't take that into account).

I just wasn't expecting to be blasted for 17,000 after seeing steady 3k shots... and in my mind two 3ks = 6k :O but apparently it doesn't work like that haha

Nerf mages!!!!
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