The Mafia response thread (in General)

blackshadowshade April 16 2009 5:44 AM EDT

Hi all,

Since smallpau1 hasn't done so yet, I thought I'd start a thread so that we can comment on how the Mafia game ran, things that we worked well and things that could be improved.

Let me start the ball rolling. I had a couple of peeves that are probably related to each other:

1. Much of the talk about the game occurred in chat. That's difficult for those of us who do not enter chat much, especially to know whether someone is lurking or not.

2. I'm used to Mafia games where day lasts as long as it takes for the town to make up their mind what they're going to do. The 24 hour cycle makes it tough for people in different timezones to communicate with each other.

However, I thought that the game ran in a reasonable amount of time (although it was unfortunate that it ran over Easter) and that it ended up not being totally trial and error, which shows that enough conversation occurred to drive the game along.

I wonder what it would have been like if I hadn't taken the initiative to provoke quite as much as I did.

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] April 16 2009 8:42 AM EDT

Heh, i was going to start the thread today at some point, but thank you, =)

1. Probably going to start the day phase so everyone gets something out of the game. Yes?

2. Is it fair for Hackers to chenge their vote through the night?
(I know they could just wait till 8 AM to CM me, but people have things to do, which i why I give them 1/3 of a full day to get back to me).

3. If I don't go by server time, I think the game will get really jumbled as I won't even really know when to move on sometimes. Whereas if there is a set time for everything (usually gave an extra 1:30 hours for Users votes). Anyone can get their votes in at any time really, doesn't evn have to be after the Hackers choose their victim. It's just if you vote before the Hackers victim is known, it may be you then your vote is null & void, or you will not be able to discuss with others to try and weed out some people and then vote as your vote's already in.

4. If people join and don't reply to the thread for User vote 2-3 days straight, I am given the option of removing them from the game, if after I CM I still don't get a response.

This is all I can think of right now, but I know there are more.

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] April 16 2009 8:54 AM EDT

5. I will reveal the Identity after each phase as well, I had it backwards anyways during last game, haha.

Demigod April 16 2009 9:44 AM EDT

I like the idea of removing players who joined but obviously aren't playing. Chunk in a disclaimer that if they don't vote for two days in a row, they as good as gone.

QBOddBird April 16 2009 11:17 AM EDT

No, hackers should not be able to change their vote after casting unless users are able to change theirs.

blackshadowshade April 16 2009 11:34 AM EDT

Demigod, I don't know that everyone should need to vote. However, I do think that at least posting in the thread at least one every two days should be necessary.
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