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abody [the powerful] April 23 2009 1:48 AM EDT

hi im abody im friendly and i think im pretty good at this game but theres something i dont get why when im about 160 more level than a user and he still win? i do train well please join my clan i will help you if you need help i dont know how though jut click inspect and click on the powerful then join

{WW]Nayab [Cult of the Valaraukar] April 23 2009 2:30 AM EDT

hello abody
i think the reason the other person wins is that they probably have better equipment than you or a strat good against yours.

Colonel Custard April 23 2009 2:45 AM EDT

Score and Power and Minion Power Rating (MPR) can be confusing numbers.

Score changes depending on how many fights you win and against whom. Having a higher score than someone does not mean that your character is necessarily stronger; it only means that your character has beaten similar opponents.

MPR is a number that is based on the total amount of Experience you have gained from battling and have trained into stats. This is more closely related to how strong your character is, and doesn't just go up and down like score does, but you still are not guaranteed to beat every opponent with a lower MPR than yours. Investing EXP into different stats in different ways can be much more efficient than others, and certain skill combinations work really well against some strategies and not at all well against others.

Power is a number that includes your Minion Power Rating (from trained EXP) and other factors from equipment that makes your team stronger, such as armor, tattoos, runes, and weapons.

How all the numbers and equipment and skills go together is confusing and takes a while to get, but there is a "Help!" link on top of the sidebar that will lead you to the Wiki, which gives useful explanations of game mechanics. People are also usually willing to help and answer questions in chat and/or on these forums, except that, right now, it's nighttime in the United States, so I think fewer people will be active.

So, in summary:
Having a higher score than someone won't make you beat them.
Having a higher MPR than someone won't necessarily make you beat them.
Having more Power than someone won't necessarily make you beat them.

What does help you beat opponents:
Having a better strategy.
Having more experience points trained into your stats.
Having a stronger weapon.

And, of course, welcome to the game!
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