Welcome to the Debate forum! (in Debates)

QBOddBird May 4 2009 5:42 AM EDT

Welcome to the Debate forum, where reasonable and civilized discussions and debates may be held. First and foremost, please take a moment to check out the special Rules/Guidelines that apply to this forum; they may be viewed by simply viewing the Debate Forum as a whole. These are in addition to the usual rules and policies upheld in CB forums.

You should also take a moment to check out a list of logical fallacies, as understanding these will be very helpful in ensuring that you construct solid posts within this forum:

List of fallacies

In addition, this forum will periodically host formal scored debates. These debates will be hosted by myself or an admin, and will be closely moderated and scored. Such debates will also be timed, and more specific rules may apply to the individual debate thread.

Try to provide strong supporting evidence in your posts within this forum; simply saying "I am right and you are wrong" makes for pretty weak and boring discussion.

Again, welcome to the Debate forum, and good luck with your discussions and debates!
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