Greatest NS compliment ever!! (in Off-topic)

AdminTal Destra [C and S Forgery Lmtd.] May 9 2009 8:17 PM EDT

<NightStrike> you already have a char called NS Money :)
<Tal_Destra> yeah
<deifeln8> Shade, sundari has a ton of xp o.o
<Tal_Destra> told ya im quick
<NightStrike> hahah
<NightStrike> you are indeed impressive for a dialup user
<Tal_Destra> shade ask AA to do your experiment
<Tal_Destra> he has like 13m untrained
<{cb1}smallpau1> today, i went looting, and went about 11 blocks away from outpost, almost died, I forgot i didnt put the $415 into my storage before i went, rofl
<{cb1}smallpau1> made it all the way back in critical condition, lol
<Tal_Destra> thats an awesome compliment NS
<NightStrike> in what game?
<[CB1]Gun> not too hard if you run
<NightStrike> tal - :)

Simply the best, and an awesome Admin
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