DSL and Audacity Help (in Off-topic)

Newlin [SeeD] May 31 2009 11:23 AM EDT

I have DSL installed on an old Toshiba laptop (Pentium III 700Mhz) and was searching around to find out exactly where to download and how to install Audacity. I haven't really found out much of anything and know very little when it come to Linux. If anyone can point me in the right direction, that would be fantastic!

bartjan May 31 2009 11:27 AM EDT

Google for "mydsl repository".

Newlin [SeeD] May 31 2009 11:32 AM EDT

Thanks, I think I found it.

Newlin [SeeD] May 31 2009 11:51 AM EDT

One more question. Can I use any lame.dll file or do I have to download a specific one that will work in DSL?

bartjan May 31 2009 12:23 PM EDT

Aren't .dll's something for Windows?

Newlin [SeeD] May 31 2009 5:43 PM EDT

I have no idea :) But I know you need an MP3 encoder to export files as an MP3.

Newlin [SeeD] June 1 2009 4:47 PM EDT

OK, I ran into a slight problem. I downloaded the software put it on a flash drive and plugged it into my laptop, but I can't figure out how to open it up to view the files...

Newlin [SeeD] June 1 2009 5:52 PM EDT

Anyone know anything about this??

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] June 1 2009 6:00 PM EDT

start>my computer>pick the drive letter for the flash drive and double click, if i understood your ? that is.

Cube June 1 2009 7:03 PM EDT

.dll is windows.

Solution: Install windows? =)

Newlin [SeeD] June 1 2009 9:29 PM EDT

I did have windows XP installed for awhile, but when ever I tried recording something longer than 1 hour in audacity the whole thing crashed :)
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