This is pretty cool! (in Off-topic)

AdminTitan June 1 2009 1:29 AM EDT

I just broke 6,400 m in Nanaca Crash. I was pretty stoked. Has anyone done better?

AdminTitan June 1 2009 1:40 AM EDT

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PearsonTritonRaveshaw June 1 2009 1:43 AM EDT

So this is what you do when you play CGen eh?

Cube June 1 2009 2:16 AM EDT

AdminTitan June 8 2009 1:12 AM EDT

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AdminNightStrike June 8 2009 1:24 AM EDT

There's definitely a few nanaca crash threads here on CB :)

I'm sure you can find some serious competition. I remember scores being in the 30k range.
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