does decay need HP? (in General)

Shark June 1 2009 6:01 AM EDT

I just dont know what I'm doing..but I havin fun tryin..So is my decay only doing this,(Head's Decay hit Sallos [1391]) because it has no HP? I'm just not understanding how the decay works even thought I read it 14 times. It doesnt even work most of the time because I dont get to the 3rd round of melee...So it may be I doing this wrong. All help will be appreciated in some small way :)

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] June 1 2009 6:03 AM EDT

Decay, no matter how muhc you train into it, will remove 50% of your targets current HP when cast.

Training XP into Decay has no effect on the damage it causes, but only serves to increases it's level for resistance to AMF.

A Base Decay reduced to zero from wearing a MGS will still cast, and remove 50% of your targets current HP.

Sickone June 1 2009 6:06 AM EDT

Decay, under the simplest of circumstances (no AMF against you, not below base due to armor penalties nor encumbrance) will reduce the target's HP in half.

That means, if the target has 4,000,000 HP, it will deal 2,000,000 damage ; if the target has 400 HP, it will deal 200 damage ; if the target has 2 HP, it will deal 1 damage ; and finally, if the target has only 1 HP, it will deal NO DAMAGE AT ALL.

Now, if for some reason you are fighting with a decay that's below base (from armor or encumbrance penalties), you may see some weird effects, including up to next to no effect.
On top of it all, if you are fighting somebody with AMF, you no longer halve the target's HP, but reduce less of it (depending on how strong the opposing AMF effect is).

Shark June 1 2009 6:12 AM EDT

thats I was thinking all you had to do was train it..So it might be that its just too weak to do much damage,not getting much backlash from AMF yet even with no HP trained. The FB trained at the same level actually hits only slightly higher but with equal HP trained into the FB ...I have twice the XP into FB and only get a slightly higher return in damage than the dacay but more damage overall because of multiple hits from the it says Decay is the weakest and the strongest.
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