Create your flavour chip (in Off-topic)

bensonp June 4 2009 4:29 AM EDT

someone come up with a new flavour chip that would be soooo tasty

iBananco [Blue Army] June 4 2009 4:29 AM EDT

A JS-flavored chip? Sounds vile.

Brakke Bres [Ow man] June 4 2009 4:33 AM EDT


ow wait that already exists but its soooo good

PearsonTritonRaveshaw June 4 2009 4:34 AM EDT

Nachos. Complete with the beef, cheese, tomatoes, sour cream, etc.

bensonp June 4 2009 4:45 AM EDT

whats JS

QBOddBird June 4 2009 5:11 AM EDT

Chocolate chips!!!

I bet nobody ever thought of that before.

Daz June 4 2009 5:40 AM EDT

Salt and Vinegar Chilli

Wizard'sFirstRule June 4 2009 7:49 AM EDT

actually chocolate with savory food is usually bad. on the other hand, chocolate with anything tastes so good.

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] June 4 2009 8:01 AM EDT

margarita flavored!

PearsonTritonRaveshaw June 4 2009 4:02 PM EDT

My girlfriend would absolutely love Pina Calada flavored chips.

PearsonTritonRaveshaw June 4 2009 4:03 PM EDT

Well actually maybe not, because chips are salty and stuff, and a Pina Calada is sweet I'm assuming so... Probably wouldn't work all that well...

bartjan June 4 2009 4:10 PM EDT

What's wrong with good old silicon?

Froy June 4 2009 4:33 PM EDT

Buffalo Chicken with celery and blue cheese/ranch
Cheesy Alfredo
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