Amulet of Junction (in General)

Shark July 7 2009 5:01 AM EDT

Since I'm not very good at this, but I try as hard as anyone.I would like your advice and opinion.
I have been reading about the amulets and I'm just wondering a few things that maybe you guys or girls can help me understand. I understand now That I won't do as good as others bec I don't have the time to get all MY BA everyday. SO I be happy with doing the best I can and I stop complaining already. And now just want Information like I'm Johnny Unit 5.

The AoJ, if I am correct in my comprehension of what I have read, tranfers DX and ST at 150% to the minion and Familiar. The Familiar only gets the junctioned qualities.
This would mean to me that my SoD on minion with the Familiar,(put it there so the Familiar would be in front of the minion),will be junctioned to the AoJ minions DX and ST.
Is this why my SoD from the Rear minion gets 2 or 3 hits in ranged or is this the fact that I have a few HP on the SoD minion?
The hits are very tiny and Im trying to see exactly why they are tiny..Small SoD..yes Its small..HP=1000 on the minion..In reality I getting nothing from this Amulet am I.?
(Im not really knocking much around)..So either at this point I need 2 Tanks (a better strategy more likely)or could I get away with upgrading the SoD and leave it on the Familiar to deal with pesky Mages from the back?
I really think Im wasting the properties of the Amulet, but I cant find anything else to do with it..Fancy as it is

I also saw where some of the issues with the AoJ might not be working as intended but I have no idea...Help please?
I put in line breaks to make it easier for you to read and please anything you have to offer is greatly appreciated.

:) thank you in advance

IndependenZ July 7 2009 5:07 AM EDT

Well, the AoJ does nothing if it's not equipped on the same minion as a familiar tattoo. It's meant to junction the positive effects of the items (on the minion wearing the AoJ) to the familiar.

You currently have it equipped on a minion with a BoE and an EC. So you're right, you really are wasting the properties of the amulet. Try switching it with the Amulet of Focus you have on TU. Then the effects of the Spellboosters and Cornuthaum will be transferred to your Steel Familiar, making it stronger.


Shark July 7 2009 5:23 AM EDT

okey I try that and I think the AoJ doesnt do anything at all...I can't see anything that it does...The Familiar doesnt pick up the skill, that was already stated that this may not work properly..If your familiar is on a skill based minion you get ZERO out of it...If you dont have anything but a skill on the minion, that should transfer, but doesnt ..YoU get ZEE ROW...

Maybe The AoJ is still in "Things to Do" queue :)

Shark July 7 2009 5:47 AM EDT

I'm starting to see that if I don't make posts I dont feel so dumb.!! how did I not understand the AoJ needed to be on the minion wearing the Familiar? I need to go back to some kind of school as my reading comprehension is absolutely nil..I'm embarrassed myself yet again :*(

"Enigmatic" is the keyword for the day

Sickone July 7 2009 5:57 AM EDT

Shark, no offense, but you seem to be all over the place, to use the mildest possible expression.

The AoJ works ALMOST EXACTLY as intended (with very few kinks to work out), and it's used to great effect on many different characters.
You ALWAYS use an AoJ on a minion wearing a familiar tattoo, everything else is a complete waste of the amulet.

On just about any tattoo, there are two items that you might want to have junctioned : displacement boots and shield of capacity. That would help protect any familiar from a great deal of physical damage.
Also, Helm of Clearsight is good with any familiars except the JKF, where a HoE would be much more useful instead.
With a Halidon, you will also want BGs, but with a JKF you'll want HGs or even TGs.
For direct damage familiars, you should also consider either AGs or NSCs, maybe even Spellboosters instead of DBs.
On physical damage familiars, you could replace the SoC with a BoM or even a Mage Shield.

and so on and so forth.

Sickone July 7 2009 6:00 AM EDT

Well, at least you realized it "in the last minute" while I was writing my reply :)

Shark July 7 2009 6:13 AM EDT

yes properly placed the AoJ minion is doing better and not drawing or flat out losing to the few I was testing it on...It's hard to see the effects of some of this stuff if you really don't know what your looking for or at..I'm learning, The Curve is wide so make room :)

its seems so easy for some of you just to look and be able to predict the outcome of much of this,I'm not that good ..YET :)
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